Gangsta Car Challenge [Reviews and Results!]

###Somewhere in Detroit, Michigan October 2000:
BUSINESSMAN: Welcome, please sit. I have a, um client, that needs a fleet of specially built cars. They need to be freshly built for the new year That’s why I’ve brought you all here. A representative for my client will inform you on the rest of the details.

REP: Yeah, um ok. You know these cars must have 4 doors and 4 seats, cuz otherwise we can’t fit everyone in, ya know? And they need to be built well enough to survive winter here, ya know, cuz Detroit winters are harsh. These vehicles should be easy to drive, cuz we’ll be shooting the – urr, breeze, yeah, when we drive. That’s very important. Oh, it’s gotta be prestigious… You know? Lots of chrome, big rims, the whole lot. We also gotta have a practical vehicle that can fit our guns, dru-- err, equipment you know? These vehicles must also have enough power to get away fro-- er, for evasive maneuvers. You know how dangerous the streets of Detroit are?

REP: Oh, and the engine. Its gotta run on moonsh-- Oil, vegetable oils. We do lotsa cookin, and it should run on our vegetable oil, and be efficient. Our mechanic has more:
MECH: Ok, the engine should be very efficient on it’s own, as it will be used to power their… Camping stuff. The engine will be used as a generator at times. And yes, it should run on whatever-the-hell type oil we have available. I’d personally like to see an American Style V8, but the choice is yours.

BUSINESSMAN: So there’s the requirements. My client has a budget of 250K, BUT… You need to supply at least 3 cars. They will take up to 12. And each car should have a retail markup of +50%. My client doesn’t want sloppy work.


  • Trim year 2001
  • Engine Variant year 2001
  • Minimum 4 doors and 4 seats
  • 80 RON
  • Engine must achieve at least 24% efficiency (in the final engine tab)
  • Max engine size of 702ci or 11.5L
  • Minimum of Basic Safety
  • +50% Markup
  • 250K total to purchase the fleet
  • 3-12 cars

###What’s scored?

  • Drivability - high weight
  • Comfort - normal weight
  • Prestige - high weight
  • Practicality - medium weight
  • Utility - normal weight
  • Ave. Reliability - normal weight
  • Time on an undisclosed track

Bonus Points!
+5 for pleasing the mechanic (V8 crossplane)
+15 for an ad / brochure in this thread

  • 1/2 rim size for “gangsta” factor

I have most steam mods, but:
All Barth Bodies are Prohibited!
VMO’s stuff is prohibited (still too much performance hit)
If you use any variant that CaptainDOOM has posted on the workshop, please let me know. I am not subscribed to all of his stuff.

UPDATE: the pm submission will be considered final. I will only adjust the cost to make sure its +50% if you happened to forget.

###Deadline for submissions is Friday, January 20th.
I will get the reviews and results up before Valentine’s Day.


Oooh, this should be fun. Too bad we can’t make donks :stuck_out_tongue:


but you can make danks

You have my interest.

*without Barth bodies.

Does the mechanic like his V8’s turbocharged? Or does it not matter?

Not stated, but to achieve 24% efficiency with 80 RON, you basically need them.

Really? I managed without. Wasn’t easy, though.

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Props to you then!

I achieved over 25% without turbos, but I won’t tell my secret…

Lemme guess, dohc 4 valve vvtl massive stroke low cam profile and low friction cast pistons, with mpfi and a somewhat choked exhaust :stuck_out_tongue: afr can be leam because with a low redline optimal ignition timing is low and compression doesn’t count for a huge amount

Did I miss anything?


Direct Injection.

That’s all you missed :stuck_out_tongue:

Shit, DI already exists in 2001!? Well that’d explain a lot.

I knew it - DI (available from 2001 onwards) is basically a must for this challenge. It allowed me to build a crossplane V8 that crept over the 24% minimum threshold on low quality fuel. But being normally-aspirated, I doubt that, with just over 200 horsepower, that engine in its current state of tune will be enough to set a fast lap time…

DI in first year of Tech is pretty expensive. Will it be cost effective?

Time to match turbo mpfi against NA DI!

Still though, if you get a budget of 250k to build 10 cars, that’s like 20 cars, where you have enough budget to get DI on each of them.

To make a decent car it is hard to get under $30000 you would be able to sell about 7 - 9 cars around that price range.

One of my test cars had DI in it, and was fully loaded. I could produce 4 of those in the 250k budget.

I used a 1993 engine. DOHC, 4 valves, no VVL, no low friction cast, and with VVT and DI. Got over 24% and 280 hp on 80 RON. it’s doable :stuck_out_tongue:

This note can be found inside one of the cars. It is clearly written with a pen, but each character is perfectly written, as if typed.

You requested a V8, you’ve got some. The Boss probably won’t notice 5 of our 30 AluStar Prototypes going on a little adventure. By the time you’re reading this, I’ve already had the little forklift ‘accident’ with some crates and some scrapped engine blocks.

Good luck from Nevada,