Group B Rally

So, I thought we are missing one thing. GROUP B RALLY SERIES. So I decided to make one myself.

Engine Reliability: 20 or higher.
Car Relaibility:60 or higher.
And the rules on this chart.

And, for fun, You must post a road version of your car and post it on your company page.

I will announce the tracks after the close of submissions on 22 December 6:00 PM UTC.

Enter your car by PM.

You just enter your car. Plus Nationality.

EDIT: I will make a benchmark in each class.

two questions
1: i cannot understand what the chart says it’s a bit confusing
2: can the nationality be fictional?

The chart was a bit of a mistake, I’m fixing that now.
And yes, to fictional nationalities.

I figured the chart out, I am just going to have to change over all my units of measurement :-p Damn the metric/imperial hybrid that Canada uses!

Any cost restrictions? or prod unit restrictions?

by “Max wheel width” do you actually mean height or something like that? Because the smallest one in the chart, 20 inches, is pretty close to 500mm. I’ve never seen a 500mm WIDE tire before.

No cost/productivity unit limits? This is going to be something.

I mean height

+15 quality sliders everywhere :wink:


+15 quality sliders everywhere :wink:[/quote]

Aye, I’m going for the turbocharged group 2 :smiley:

That’s copied from Wikipedia right? It really was width it needs to be altered for use in game.

See you there :wink:

What are we being judged on exactly?

It will be a championship. I’m not sure about the scoring system so I haven’t posted it yet.

Also, there’s a slight flaw in this competition.
It’s a rally championship obviously, however, there is no way to simulate rally conditions in Automation. So there’s not even any point making a rally specific car if I could just send you my finest supercar from 1986 that has absolutely no offroad capability.

Can we enter multiple classes?

Only 1 because they’re supposed to be equal.
And, yes no off-road. It’s supposed to be similar to the BRC.
EDIT: Little known fact. Group B was also supposed to be a Endurance Class.

Oh yeah, once the rules are a little more defined, I might have a crack at seeing if its possibly to crack the 1:1 power ration in any of these classes :stuck_out_tongue:

with +15 quality sliders and a blank check I think that’s within the realm of possibility.

It IS 1986 though… This will be a challenge!