Head types in engine family

I suggest the ability to change the head type in a engine family.

Because this thing is too common.

For example, the C20LET and C20XE (the first a SOHC 8 valve, and the other the classic DOHC 16 valve), or the toyota with the 4A family (the 4A-GE it was DOHC, available with 16 and 20 valve, and the 4A, 4A-C, 4A-L, 4A-LC… it was a SOHC 8 valve).

To produce a engine family is very useful.

Please use the search function.

The developers have said multiple times that it was a design decision.


Design decision?

But if in the past versiond with a bug it was possible…

A bug is not a decision.


YEs. I Know.

But I want to say that it was possible only.

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