Help Needed: Which YouTube Channels Do We Contact?

[size=120]Bringing Automation to YouTube[/size]

In the week leading up to our Steam Early Access release (March 12th) we are going to invite YouTube channels to try
out the game. Our goal is to get good coverage of the game out for its launch, hence we will place a “soft” embargo,
i.e. we can’t enforce it, but like people to play along, of March 12th 17:00 CET on any content release like videos & stuff.
We’re not only going to contact the big channels but the smaller ones who do not get that much attention usually, too.

In order to find good channels and hidden gems to invite into the closed beta on Steam, we need your help.
What YouTube channels do you frequent that you think should have a go at the game?

[size=120]Our guideline for what channels are “large enough”:[/size]

~1000+ Subs for channels that have covered Automation before
~2000+ Subs for channels that focus on car-sim games or tycoon games
~10000+ Subs for channels that focus on real-world cars
~10000+ Subs for general gaming news/reviews/letsplay channels

[size=120]Post your suggestions in this thread in the following format:[/size]

Format: [Channel Name] - [Channel Content] - [Subs] - [Covered Automation] - [Language]
Example: FailRace - Car Games - 60500 - Yes - English

[size=120]Incomplete list of channels we plan on contacting[/size]

Automation YouTube Channel Subscribers:

Team VVV - 32000
Zhatt	 - 19000
landy kid - 15000
ramjb - 14000
Armored Korps - 5000
Bisofication - 5000
Zagrajmy Se - 3000
Navyboy5499 - 3000
MeanMachine803 - 3000
01DOGG01 - 2000
SlushyPreviews - 1220
Harman Motor Works - 1000
SIXELAG™ - 1000
Negative Root - 1000
ConeDodger240 - 1000
Jake Jakovitch - 1000
Raybob95 - 1000
SerialDrift3r - 1000
Kisko1998 - 997
Dukely - 994
Evol PC Gaming - 921
GenJeFT - 800

Other Channels:

DEpcgames - 52377
TheSLAPTrain1 - 289329
AR12Gaming - 226768
Squirrel - 284156
Northernlion - 493676
TotalBiscuit - 1964347
aarava - 22753
rockleesmile - 69256
FailRace - 60510
TacticalCardboard - 31150
Abgefahren! - 4354
WhyBeAre - 223750
GameRiot - 418422
theRadBrad - 4123428
GameStar - 577200
Robbaz - 1019000
Force Strategy Gaming - 419000

It would be awesome if you guys could help us with getting a good line-up!

I would say, try
They take a very fun approach on gaming, but they are all about not being serious. But just them playing the game shows the game to a potential huge fanbase.

On another note, you might want to try and get CarThrottle to make a post about you guys.

you should contact Northernlion and Quill18 and make them do a multiplayer match, might mention that they do stuff together from time to time

I would love to review it for you guys… But according to your criteria, I am a couple hundred subscribers short. You shouldn’t limit yourselves to such highly subbed channels.

Then give us your channel info and we can have a look for ourselves!


What about RegularCars? They would love to design a “conventional” car… :smiley:

Yeah, Mr. Regular is on our radar, we plan on getting him to get involved a bit more when we get the tycoon part done. TST style :slight_smile:

You should ask EngineeringExplained! Great channel reviewing cars and explaining how they work…

EngineeringExplained - Car reviews and explanatory videos - 250.735 - No - English

Fränkel frotzelt - car-sim Games - 47097 - Yes - German

He’s mostly playing Euro Truck Sim, Car Mechanic Sim, Farming Machine Mechanic Sim, Spintires and so on.

I would suggest The Mighty Jingles. 345,605 subscribers
He normally does let’s play videos of World of Tanks and War Thunder, but has also reviewed various other games and upcoming games in development stages.
He is a very nice guy and also funny. He may not be a car guy per se, but there is an overlap on the technical side of tanks, planes, ships etc, they all have engines :stuck_out_tongue:

Abgefahren! - Car Games - 4600 - yes - German

I suggest the above mentioned german YouTuber Abgefahren! because he makes already videos of this game and they are liked a lot by the visitors of his channel.

I think you should try to contact WhyBeAre. He’s a nice guy, and he’s already done videos of all the scenarios. No more videos have been made though.

Both of them are on our list already :slight_smile: definitely inviting them to the closed beta.


Both of them are on our list already :slight_smile: definitely inviting them to the closed beta.[/quote]


BlackPanthaa - Car Games - 54000 - No - English.

While I’ve never seen him do Early Access reviews, I love The Escapist’s especially Zero Punctuation. He has an extremely entertaining an cynical view on games that tells you everything that sucks and that you still love it because it’s amazing thanks to those flaws, or he’ll just say that it’s down right horrid and insult your game so much that you might cry a little inside.

Yeah, while Yahtzee is very entertaining and makes good points, he is not Early Access compatible :slight_smile: it would be stating much of the obvious. We’ll focus more on lets players and strategy / sim / car game players.

OfficialNerdCubed - Let’s plays - 2,000,000 - No - English

The biggest one I would suggest is NerdCubed, He plays and messes about with indie games regularly and has a huge subscriber base, over 2 million, that would be a massive coup. :smiley:
He plays all sorts of games so it’s worth a shot I think.

Arumba - Let’s plays - 118k - No - English

Personally, I’m a big fan of Arumba, 118k subs. Similar in style to quill18 and Northernlion, in fact they regularly do mp sessions on their channels. Plays a lot of grand strategy games such as Crusader Kings 2.
The benefit of Arumba is that rather than just messing about, he’d likely take it seriously and get into it (if it interests him). It would be good to have the game shown off to his subscribers as I think they are the type to enjoy the game.

For Arumba, I’d direct you to this video. They got a group together to play cards against humanity, in the same style, automation would be perfect for a video like this in that they can compete and joke at each others expense.

If you go for Quill18 and Arumba, then, then EnterElysium, MathasGames and shenryyr2 are also good to look at and all have60-120k subs or there about.

All of those play games still in development.

I’d second Robbaz, but consider modeling some viking horns for his copy XD

OfficialNerdCubed - games, mainly indies - 2076068 - No - English(UK)

And I second TotalBiscuit.