'Hey, whats that car' challenge aka 1988 Mediocre Sports

Welcome to the 1988 Mediocre Sports challenge!
Not every attempt at a sporty car in the 1980s was very fast or good. Instead of looking at the incredible sports cars and hot hatches from the 1980s, in this challenge you will try to create a car that looks, sounds and feels way more exciting and faster than it actually is.


Rule 1: This challenge is in the newest update (Open alpha). We know that this transition is fast but it does level out the field. In the advanced trim settings introduced in this version bans all experimental settings except engine placement and engine sound.
Rule 2: All body styles are allowed UNLESS if it gives too much of a classic or old look (60s LM car for example). It is really important to give your car a real 80s feel. If your car does not fit very well with this rule, it will be said and possibly your car could be banned. The same will happen when your car does not fit with the challenge at all.

Rule 3: As we want the cars to be, umm, not exactly super fast, the engine limits are very strict. The maximum size for NA engines (No turbo) is 1.5 liters. The maximum size for turbo engines is 1.0 liter. (If you want an exception to this rule, ask Djadania.)

Rule 4: Your car must be road legal/fit with the car. (At least standard 80s safety, at least 2 seats, at least basic cassette, catalytic converter, muffler, no racing parts, no semi slicks etc.)

Rule 5: The engine must use 91 Unleaded RON fuel, no DevMeth for you!

Rule 6: The price limit for all the cars is 18000. To make sure you can’t mess around too much the quality minimums and maxes are -1 and +1.

Rule 7: The car must be from 1988.
2 entries per person are allowed (You can enter 2 but you don’t have to).

Try to make your car look more exciting than it actually is, we don’t suggest meme cars but we do want something that makes you feel a little too excited.

Try to not make your car too hard to drive, as it may cause dnfs.

If you create something like a story or advertisement for your car, you might just get a bonus point. If you do, try to not make it too serious.

The deadline for this challenge is the 14th of January 1pm pst, to give you enough time. If any new mods release in this time which can help you, they are allowed. Round 1 will be streamed on the Brad_The_Inhaler twitch on the 14th of January 2:30pm pst and round 2 on January 16th 2:30pm pst.

We prefer that you send the cars on discord, but sending cars on the forum is also fine. Send the cars to Djadania for rulechecking. He will notify you if your car is illegal and any other reasons.

If you do find any massive loopholes that could ruin the whole competition, please notify Djadania.

Brad_The_Inhaler discord: Brad The Inhalers 420 LifeGame. If you need any extra info, just ask.


Well this is either the last challenge of 2021 or the first challenge of 2022 depending on where you are (most likely). Anyways, happy new year!

Hmm… Might have an idea for this… 1.0L I6 Turbo RWD with a pushrod engine, seems like something I could do that’s suitably stupid.


Just so I get the spirit of this challenge right this time, these are supposed to be actually fast, right? I don’t want to show up with half the horsepower of the rest of the field again.

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You have two cars; make a fast one and then a super slow one as the true slow fast car

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You dont want to make it super fast, but they do need to have some performance, yes.

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soo, this challenge is in the opt update? the one with the turbo revamp?, I am having trouble with stable, not being able to rotate fixtures, so I won’t be able to enter in some of the challenges.
BTW, Catalitic converter yeah or nah

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Yes, it is in the Opt in update. Sorry to hear that you are having issues, ive had none. And yes, Catalytic converter is forced. If you need some help send me some pictures or a clip of the problem.

ok, thanks, the problem is: I updated and a few days later went back to stable, when building a car at the car designer, placing a fixture is ok, scaling is ok, fliping (hor and vert) with the buttons ok, but when I try to rotate whit the “gizmo” arrows or input a number in the box of the floating menu, nothing happens, and the number I input goes back to 0.00

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Hmm, weird. Were you rotating things in places where they cant be rotated?

usually when you rotate a fixture and it can’t be rotated in the area, it appears a red shadow of the fixture, moving along with the mouse input, but in my case in stable, the fixture doesn’t move even a 0.01 degree

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Huh weird. Try to get back to opt-in, it might be fixed.

in opt in I dont get that problem, I can desing with 0 problem

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Wait but the challenge is in opt in 4.2, im not entirely understanding

ok, I have problems in stable version, but in the new alpha, with all the turbo stuff and more, in that one (the one without campaign) everythin goes fine

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Thats the version we are using for this challenge, so it should be fine.


Ah, the fun of trying to tune the gearbox so that this engine actually has some get-up-and-go. Also, new turbo tuning is something I’m not used to yet, and yet, I find it fun already.


1988 Bricksley Thunderbolt

So, you want a sports car, but your budget says “shitbox” instead? You want a new car, but you don’t want any of those shitty front-wheel-drive suck-boxes that every company seems to be cranking out faster than a baby fills their diaper? Hate the sound of four-cylinder engines with the passion of a thousand dying stars?

We’ve got a solution for you!

This T-Top clad beauty is the Bricksley Thunderbolt in Rapid trim. For less than $18,000, you get a turbocharged inline six driving the proper set of wheels! Sure, it’s about the size of an angry shoebox, but it’s fun!

The Rapid trim is offered with the Performance Division’s exclusive Nuclear Orange paint, guaranteed to have every police officer aiming their radar gun at you. A five-speed performance oriented gearbox is installed to make the most of the power you have. We’ve painted the aluminum wheels because our focus group said it makes the car look faster.

Yes, that scoop does feed the air intake for the turbo, and look at that (totally unnecessary) turbo bulge on the hood! This car screams “I think I’m fast!” even when it’s sitting still, doesn’t it? The same focus group who said painted wheels meant the car was fast also said turbo badges and decals also make cars look fast, so we added some.

Sure, the stickers will peel in a few years and look just as terrible as the orange paint will when the clear-coat starts to flake off, and the T-Tops are guaranteed to leak in 7 years, and who knows how long the 1-liter I6 will last sucking down 13 PSI of boost, but it’s a sports car! They’re meant to live fast, die young, and leave a good looking corpse.


Another amazing one!

BCT is presenting the new SP6, the sport trim of a small affordable car, moved by a 6 inline cylinders (take that BNV) hitting 7.500 RPMs. so you can enjoy such a sweet melody roaring while you eat gear after gear in his 5 manual gearbox. Is a four seater car, because when you take your girl, your friend and his girl, you dont want that candleholder who is usually the “wide load” guy sitting in the middle. The dashboard received a new desing, because there is nothing more boring that some neddles moving aroung, we made it all digital, we believe that is the new trend and so we are starting it, you will fell just like in a fighter jet… and the engine scream will help you there. Brakes are up to the task, but you will never want to stop this little rascal. check more details at your dealer