HHD Round 6 1980-1986

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His Highness Demands is an ongoing (for a while) challenge, that will follow the Communist monarchy Semyonovia (the only of its kind!) through 2 rulers, 5 decades, 3 wars and 1 rebellion.

His Highness Demands Round 6, A car for the growing middle classes

Gevketovt III has inherited the throne and needs to win over the burgeoning middle classes as the cars built by the current Semyonovian factories are not up to the standards required any more.

He is looking for a designer to engineer an executive car to rival the best from Europe and America.

  • Trim and variant year 1986
  • Engine ET 110
  • 95 Ron fuel
  • maximum loudness 35
  • minimum reliability 40
  • Trim ET 110
  • minimum safety 40

wheelbase tax is in effect for these cars, add the wheelbase in inches to the total cost of the vehicle

important things for consideration

  • driveability
  • reliability
  • comfort
  • safety

importance level 2

  • styling
  • fuel economy
  • offroad is of slight importance as the roads are cobbled so nothing too sporty or teeth will be lost

When it comes to design “Must have a respectful reference to the Semyonovian communist monarchy somewhere in the car, i.e. calling your car the “Whatever-bit-here Persktokt Special”, after the capital, or something about the design, colors, ads, etc”

design ideas



i’ll leave these rules up for a couple of days in case anything is missing, the rules are pretty loose


Use the following naming scheme as with other competitions
For the model and trim: HHD6 - Username | Car Name
For the engine and variant: HHD6 - Username | Engine Name

Entries open from right now and end on Friday 20th December. btw i forgot to say but i’m using the open beta of the game


The Lynx is getting an 80s refresh then!

Revised for the '86 model year, the Lynx returns with a trim unique to Semyonovia!

Reliable steel wheels, sealed plastic headlights, ABS and a turbo-enhanced revision to the beefy 3.3L inline-6 define the Persktokt edition!

Now delivering an extra 10 MPG over the original '84 model with an additional 25lbft throughout the rev range without compromising comfort, the KGB Lynx has never been better.

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Does our car needs any catalytic converter ?

On that note, if it does, then must the catalytic converter be of the three-way variety (either normal or high-flow)? After all, both types of three-way cats are available in 1986.

No don’t worry about catalytic converters, I’m basing it off UK rules so pollute away


entries open now. use the open beta please

Specially designed for the Communist monarchy Semyonovia, here is the all new 1986 Decarlis D70 Gevketovt. With its Inline-6 DOHC, its automatic transmission and its all in plastic accessories, this car will win over middle classes.

Designed for all roads!

More pictures


Renwoo Mingle

Be diffrent!

1986 AHB Porro S-135M
Are you prepared for excellence?

More pics

  • VX26MPiSO3 engine (2592cc V6 engine)
  • Longitudinal engine with exclusive FWD mounts.
  • 195/55R16 97U tyres fitted in Cortantelle rims
  • 5-speed manual gearbox
  • 21.7MPG combined (US)
  • Emission rating: 27.4 (WLTP)
  • Weight: 1215kg

Come to specialized AHB dealerships for a test drive. Or maybe you won’t need one…


You can have it any way you want, at no extra cost
1986 Bucuresti Avanta

CMT Astrona SE

Since 1982, the CMT Astrona is available in it’s fifth generation. You have been building the third generation facelift in licence since 1971, and we all feel it is time to go a step ahead. Not that our old model would be bad, but we can not deny that time has moved one and the fifth generation is superior to the third in every aspect. Reasonnable in size, power and economy, the car sets benchmarks in drivability, agility and it is offering latest technology, depending on the trim.

Designed for your country, the new SE trim has been created. SE means Semyonovia Export. 122 horsepower allow for safe and fun driving, standard velour seats, trip computer and automatic transmission make you keep up with Gasmean standards.

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1986 Vector 16-4 STi Persktokt
The comfort and power of a Euro wagon, the budget and fuel economy of a Japanese hatchback, and the utilitarian features of a Soviet car. It’s all in one package this time!

We’ve taken the liberty of placing a red-face badge for the Semyonovian communist monarchy and also placed a unique 16-4P badge on the front, P as in Persktokt edition.

More Pics

  • 3-Door Wagon body with wide doors for maximum entry space

  • Massive 105 cubic feet (2950L) of passenger space and 46 cubic feet (1300L) of passenger space

  • Highly durable galvanized steel monocoque chassis with standard steel panels

  • Strut/Coil suspension setup for comfort and ability to go anywhere

  • 1588 cc OHC 3V engine with latest German Multi-port injection technology for maximum power output and efficiency. Power output: 87 hp @6000RPM and 135nm @3500RPM

  • Extremely durable cast engine setup with refined exhaust system for proper airflow and noise reduction.

  • Equipped with a 4 speed manual instead of the standard 5 speed manual or 3 speed auto, for maximum offroad ability, smoothness, and comfort in the Semyonovian terrain. Due to being FWD and very easy to drive, it can be used both on tarmac and offroad without any issues. However, please be advised to not push the car too far.

  • Top speed of 197 km/h and 0-60 time of 11 seconds, more than enough to leave the cars of previous generation in smokes but also steady and smooth enough to be very comfortable.

  • Fuel Economy rating of: 8.4L/100 KM or 28 US MPG, easily beats a standard VW Golf.

  • Provided with highly durable, all terrain tyres, specially for Semyonovia, but works great on medium compount tyres as well. Steel rims are provided for durability

  • Highly sophisticated German vented brakes in the front with reliable drum brakes in the rear.

  • Offered with power windows, cloth and vinyl seats/pieces, glossy plastic interior pieces, jute and bitumen insulation for noise reduction and center console for extra storage and manually operable sunroof.

  • Specially crafted cheap but durable 2-speaker 8-track player and AM/FM radio for the Semyonovian people.

  • Vastly superior, Japanese crafted variable hydraulic power steering for high driving comfort and ease in the newly emerging highways of Semyonovia.

  • Advanced safety measures fit into the car in case of emergency and crashes.

  • Japanese made progressive springs with gas-mono-tube dampers that provide perfect driving ease and comfort.

  • Can easily carry upto 480 kg and tow upto 240 kg

  • Built to last generations after generations

  • Last but not least, European styling for a timeless look

What are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest Vector Motors dealer today, and get your magnificent and new commuter, only at 2,349 Daktoz (including wheelbase tax)

Entries are now closed, I will try and get this up as fast as I can. Just beat with me as this is the first one of these I’ve done

Time to assemble the entries

first up is the Bucuresti Avanta from @Rise_Comics

the car is over the engineering time limits for the engine by a fair margin. Some strange engineering choices too, a 4.6 v8 with twin turbos, awd and fibreglass panels don’t seem too realistic for the segment.

Next car for test is the AHB Porro s-135M from @chichicoofisial

Very nicely designed car, the 2.6 engine is a good size with very strong power levels reliability is good but other stats are middle of the road. Fuel economy is good, especially for engine size and for the capabilities. passenger and load capacity are very good

next up is the Renwoo mingle from @Mikonp7

Very futuristic looking car with an aluminium construction which might not be great for repair costs, rear engine setup is very unusual with the smallest engine in the lineup but not the lowest power. Reliability and driveability are pretty low. Fuel economy also not great considering the engine size. The car would probably benefit from a slightly larger engine with not much of an eco penalty and improved driveability.

next car is the CMT Astrona SE from @CMT

Not the most exciting of designs, but very safe at the same time. Front wheel offset is too high however as the wheels stick out a long way from the wings. The comfort and driveabilty are very strong with good safety too. The fuel economy doesnt take a large it however so a strong competitor

next up is the Aanholt Riviera 2L export from @Fletchyboy100

A very sporty design with a fastback look and pop up headlights. However with the lowest power in the test the car doesnt quite live up to the looks. Comfort and safety are also very low, Sadly the good fuel economy cant really help.

next up is the Decarlis D70 from @Arn38fr

A good looking executive car, safely designed with everything fitting together well. A pretty large engine with the second most power also gives the worst fuel economy. However the safety, comfort and driveability are very good and do make this a contender

next up is the Vector 16/4 STi Persktokt from @GetWrekt01

The car is somewhat on the small side for the target market. The fuel economy is incredible and the engine is the most reliable but the comfort is very low and the small size makes the safety low too. Maybe a 5 door car would have fared better but the car as it is doesn’t fit what we are looking for

next car is the ZZT Perskokt-LUX from @BF94387

An aerodynamic and modern looking car but with a utilitarian look also. A large but also lazy engine manages to give decent fuel economy and second best reliability with good driveability. The comfort and safety are very strong. For some reason the front tyres are wider than the rears however which doesn’t help with service costs.

I will give the Dearlis D70, the CMT Astroma SE, the AHB Porro s-135M and the ZZT Perskokt-LUX a closer look and driving reports


Well, shit. I kinda felt that this challenge might be looking for a 5 door wagon, but I was going for cheap and compact. At least I excelled where I wanted to. Maybe next time. Good luck to those who have passed!

I can’t design fuel efficient cars. :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

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ayeeeee didn’t expect to fare so well, nice!
Nice reviews for nice cars, good luck to the people who have passed!

The 1982-1989 Astrona ist an older build I did not touch for a while, maybe that offset is caused by an update in the meantime. Normally it is Impossible to let wheels stand out of the wheel arches.

Model and Variant, especially the engine, are older than 1986. Shifting this to 1986 would have improved this, but I preferred keeping the introduction dates for realism. Lets see how far it comes here. Design wise it is boring on purpose, it is a conservative mass market sedan.

The final drive and check

First up is the ZZT Perskokt-LUX

The huge v8 engine rumbles into life, it’s the loudest car on the test and the almost muscle car sound is at odds with the look of the car, which looks like a modern european sedan.
Out on the track the ZZT driving experience is not quite up to the large engine, it has the slowest 0-100 time in the test and even with such a large amount of torque the in gear times aren’t great either. The very narrow tyres dont instil a massive amount of confidence with next to no grip available even with a sportier compound fitted as standard.
The brakes are quite simply terrible, with a massive stopping distance even with huge front discs and rear drums, the pads appear very low quality.
Comfort is very good and the car does have 5 full seats, its a shame an 8 track was fitted as standard instead of a casette player however.
The purchase and service costs are very reasonable, however the use of wider front tyres on a rwd car does leave me scratching my head and if the tyres were all the same size the service costs would go down and this would help with tyre rotation

next up is the Decarlis D70

This car also has a reasonably large engine but is a thoroughly modern all aluminium v6 affair, this may well affect reliability long term but certainly help with prestige and a modern take.
The 0-100 time is extremely solid and the in gear times are verging on the super car. The fact this has the most powerful engine by far and also short gear ratios no doubt helps. sadly this does nothing for the fuel economy as this car has the worst on test by some distance.
The brakes are quite simply amazing, the car has front and rear discs of a massive size but also very cheap pad material which means no brake fade unless you take the car on a track but also the replacement cost for brakes is high.
The interior comfort is the highest on test, with only 4 seats but a high quality interior and a premium cassette system, the safety is also the highest with a very modern advance safety system
The purchase and service costs are very high, no doubt from the huge brakes and uneven tyre sizes.

Next is the CMT Astrona SE

This has the smallest engine on test and also the lowest power, it is also reasonably loud within this test. As expected it has the lowest top speed and in gear times. The 0-100 time beats the ZZT however, probably helped by the lowest weight on test and sporty tyre choice.
The brakes are the best on test, even with small discs the pad material is higher quality than any other car so brake fade is pretty much non existant.
The interior is of high quality with 5 full seats and a premium 8 track system. Cassette would have been prefferred however.
The purchase cost is low, but the service cost is quite high. which i would put down to the high end pads and 4 wheel discs.

The final car is the AHB Porro s-135M

This the quietest car on test with a very smooth v6 engine. The 0-100 time is the best on test, this is the only car with a manual gearbox however which gives it good sporty characteristics but is not the best for distance driving. It does have the best fuel economy due to the 5 speed gearbox and fully clad undertray but this will no doubt hinder servicing.
The brakes are very strong, this is even better when you realise the car has rear drums and very reasonably sized front discs with middle of the road pad types.
The full 5 seat interior is premium materials with a good 8 track system however the suspension tuning means the comfort is not brilliant and the car is more sporty. The safety is also on the lower side with an older 70’s style of setup.
This is the cheapest car with the lowest service costs on test and is a 3rd of the price of the most expensive car.


1st @Arn38fr . This is an expensive car but it is so much more comfortable than the other cars and is so easy to drive the government will pay for happy workers.

2nd @CMT maybe with a more powerful engine this could have won, but overall a good entry

3rd @chichicoofisial a bit on the sporty side but a very good looking car with a really good engine

4th @BF94387 tyre choice was very puzzling and also the brakes were very poor so you would no doubt be using the good safety rating quite often


@Arn38fr if I’m not mistaken, you haven’t updated us on whether you’d be hosting HHD7 or not