How to make a mod adding the old car bodies from 4.24 that were changed later?

For example, 1985 and 2003 Pickup/SUV
I’ll show you which one I mean:

2003 Pickup/SUV (SUV shown)

1985 Pickup/SUV (Pickup shown)

the only way is to remodel them

also that bottom one is not 4.24, but kee

The second body got recreated recently by myself and is in the open beta 4.27 :ok_hand:

No real need for the old one to be brought back, it does all the old did and more!

It was in 4.24 still

How? Show an image?

The family sort is called “Relay_85” it is the direct replacement for the old body! :grin:

But can it be done in Blender though?

What program do you think they use in making bodies in first place?

So, yes, its possible to remodel them but seems that they are already remodeled