How You Feel? (HYF) [OPEN]

How You Feel?

Welcome all to another of Happy’s challenges, from the creator of ATUC(formerly known as ABC), I will be creating a new challenge for all to enjoy which would be How You Feel. Of which I and @Djadania would host.

How You Feel is a challenge of which community members will make a car that best fits the music that the host provides.


  • You have to listen to the music provided by the host
  • Default tech pool

There are no hard rules for making the car or the criteria it needs to hit. All I want to see is creative freedom with the insanity of modeling, designing, and engineering to fit the music well.


We will send a Google form to discord members of which they would rate cars on a 1-10 scale of how well it fits with the music. The highest average will be the deciding factor of who’ll win. This along with our own words about it as well.

Poll For What Music To Choose

I encourage you all to listen to all of these before you vote


Designing a car based on the characteristics of an audio track? I’ve never seen that before…

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With engineering being judged, I assume the cars’ specs will be displayed in the forms as well?


Well, so, I would rate an exotic idea high since most challenges are surely good and fun but a bit repetitive by now.


The Google form would have the cards as similar to what I did in ABC(ATUC) with all their stats


Votes are in, DJ Shadow wins.

@here , may the best one vibe with this one


common dj shadow w


So it’s basically making the type of car that comes into your mind after listening to a track?
Sounds interesting, I’m in


Waiting on a response from @happyfireballman on when we can do the actual post for this

did I just make a lexus sc


You made a car, that’s for sure!

Let me explain.

When I first head the song, I felt like hopping in a massive American landyacht, rolling down the windows and cruising around with my elbow out the window.


Wheelbase of 3,2m. Overall length of 5,38m. Powered by 5,7L V8.

And hey, you can’t have 1950s without tailfins and fuckton of chrome :sunglasses:

More 'Murican Goodness




Let’s just get this out of the way: this isn’t an exciting car. It’s comfortable, and economic, and cheap, and home-made in America, and has a decent sound system, but it isn’t trying to nag you to push its little V6 further and further. What it can do, however, is take your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone you’d like to get closer to somewhere special with it. Just you, them, the car, and all the small things that makes every departure, journey, and arrival special. So sit back and take in the atmosphere, stick your body out the windows or sunroof, and live your life slow as you go onto new adventures.


A reminder to everyone!

Make sure to send your car files to @happyfireballman , for now you can use the normal challenge naming regulations (HYF - YourUsername)

We don’t have a final deadline yet, but it will almost definetely be the 1st of July.



yup, I originally thought of some comfyish personal luxury coupe that’s period correct to the music track itself (aka mid 90s)
this is the 1994 Itoku 430 CL, a V8-powered GT - it can be considered a driver’s car, but not a “getting every single driving-related offense because I can” one, but rather a “calmly cruising down the highway with my girlfriend in the passenger seat” one. relies too little on skinned cows alone compared to its conservative American counterparts, doesn’t have the heritage (and the stereotypes) of the European rivals either. the CL isn’t about complying to existing standards, rather about setting new ones - what to expect from a newly-founded Japanese luxury brand that was born in the same time as trip-hop?

I can’t make interiors but pretend the inside is all brown velour with every single electronic gizmo that existed at the time


'95 KMA K660 V12 6.0

Keeping it period-correct this time - if the song is appropriate for what a contemporary Wall Street CEO would listen to while driving through Manhattan at night, this is what he/she would drive - a large, luxurious four-seater coupe (or sedan) with a cavernous trunk.

Despite having a 400-bhp 6.0L V12 up front driving the rear wheels, its near-two-ton curb weight means it’s no sports car - this is more of a grand tourer.

To that end, its smooth five-speed automatic transmission and comfort-tuned air suspension are meant to give a pleasant driving experience at any speed.

You could order high-performance tires and a helical LSD for a slightly sportier feel, but this is still a luxury car through and through.



Sumner Partisan 300 Executive.

Insight, foresight, more sight.
The clock on the wall is a quarter past midnight.

now now now approaching midnight...
Some details about the design.
  • It’s not meant to be a particularly exciting car to drive. The song isn’t particularly upbeat, and seems to settle on its chosen tone for much to all of its length. To this end, I made this a transverse FWD car with a great big cast iron 300ci V8 lump in the front for some truly dreary bouts of understeer.

  • It’s not meant to be particularly colorful, literally and figuratively. The music video was black and white, after all. Black car with a black interior and a fairly sombre engine note muted by double reverse-flows.

  • With its model year set to 1988, I imagine this car would be a few years old by the time this song comes out, at which point examples of this model would likely be just a little weathered. It’s meant to contribute to the bleak image of a midnight drive through an empty backstreet in the middle of a light rain.

  • It specifically seats six because I imagine this car eventually falls into the sort of hands that’d have an entire gang to cart around.

  • I will not be explaining the presence of two cups of lean in the cupholders. Neither will I be explaining the presence of Maxwell in the passenger seat. He needs no reason to be there.


A fun fact on that line you gave there at the start.

That line originates from “Releasing Hypnotical Gasses” by Organized Konfusion, which is in itself a fantastic song and I recommend everyone who is into Hip-Hop to give the group and especially their 2nd album (Stress: The extinction agenda) a try.