HTM 2000 - A Racing Challenge

235 or 265?

I made the following rule changes according to the suggestions:

  • added 100 octane rule requirement
  • deleted panel material requirement for plain steel
  • added safety requirement for advanced 00s
  • car now needs standard AM radio to simulate telemetry
  • changed maximum to minimum weight as more test mule buildings really struggled with the previous rule
  • no negative quality allowed

I will answer the questions in detail maybe tomorrow, I am in bed with serious fever


I had the same thing literally yesterday, let’s see how your immunity will coped with the Hong Kong grippe.

get well :mask:

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In the testing section of the car design, you can run a vehicle through a course, and I believe the most recent update added more tracks to do the testing on. I’m assuming Happyhungryhippo is going to import the cars and run them through a lap on each course now available, and then compare the times to each other.

What are your benchmark times so far? My first test car got into the low 1:53s on the ATT and has 700+hp, which doesn’t sound realistic for 2000s DTM. Maybe you need to introduce ET/PU limits or bring the maximum budget down a lot.
But generally: I really like where this is going!

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yes 700 hp are like to much imo im getting those as well

At least later on probably in the 2010s there was a 10 000 rpm limit in DTM if I recall correctly, this would limit the power and make building an engine more challenging.

Also because my potato laptop doesn’t run Automation properly I can only build engines so if anyone wants any help with that I can help or build it from scratch

My engine do 744 hp exactly at 10k, so I dont know…

Wow dang, how are you getting times so low?
I’m getting 1:58s, at ATT but my engine is much lower HP at ~525, even utilizing all 4L. Direct injection, high compression, under square bore, 9kRPM redline. I thought I had a more solid build.

My Test mules are between 01:50 and 01:58 but I will surely regulate that to more DTM realism.

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Yeah but if the rev limiter is at 10k and peak power is at 10k you can never use the power. And it maybe needs something else as well, not only the rev limit

It was basically quality and a lot of downforce. But to be honest, there is a lot more potential for minmaxing to be done. I didnt play around with different bodies yet as well as with suspension tuning.

I revisited my design and noticed that my engine had a lot of performance potential left in it, just at the cost of reliability. I’m at 750HP now with over 10k RPM so we will see if the rules change surrounding the RPM limit. But now I’m getting low 1:54, much more competitive. :smiley:
And you are very correct, I didn’t compress my times until I started tuning the aero better. Lots of downforce, lots.

yes you are correct

Mine is about 750HP as well and just got 1:54.5 too :rofl:

Finally my brain is working again, and I improved the rules again:

  • Aero: Max. 600 kg downforce (you see it in the graph in the tab), fixtures must be visible
  • Rev limit: Real DTM in 2000 had 7,5k afaik, you are allowed to have your engine rev up to 8k.
  • Added suspension rules to close a hole in the regulations here. Either standard or progressive springs with gas dampers required.
  • Reduced the budget to 80k since DTM was meant to be a more affordable sports than GT3…
  • maximum service cost 3200 Dollar (to support the previous change and the affordability idea). All my test mules are below this. This is meant to give you more headache to enter a rear or mid engined car. This was not forbidden before (my fault of underestimating your creativity) and since many of you already started building, I would ruin your work totally by banning MR or RR cars.

Is this total downforce for both front and back, or is this just the maximum for either front and back?

These are the changes I was hoping to see. Tighter restrictions should make some more interesting entries.

Anyone got a good place for inspiration photos on the bodywork? I’ve looked up a few, but bodywork is one of my weakest areas. I am a far better engineer. :hammer_and_wrench:

Either. I want to be beginner-friendly and so I spare you of advanced mathematics. Rule compliance should be able to be checked by entrants by the bare look at the game graphs.

I’m getting close.