I just got a really bad idea

Lets say we take 5 photos of the car you currently own. One for each side, and one for the top-down view. Upload these into a 3rd party program, that you guys associate with. Punch in some numbers for the general dimensions of your car: length, width, wheel base, height, engine bay and maybe some other optional things. Run it through a special modeling program, import it into automation and BAM! Your 1971 Ford Pinto is now in Automation. You wont be able to change anything about it other than say, the engine and gearbox, but hey? Why not?

Currently, it is possible to make your car mechanically identical in game. This requires a bit of editing within the game, but it can be done. Visually, I do not believe it can, unless you were to make a body yourself to fit your new wheelbase, track, and the like, in which case please get in touch with Kubboz :slight_smile:

This is… probably technically impossible, or a multi million dollar research project :stuck_out_tongue:

I thik the opposite will be a very intresting option.
Once your car in automation is complete, you click on an action that create an image file like this

with a small table with prices, power and other main stats of the car… and the name of the model too. :wink:

A blueprint generator? That, I think would be possible, but too time consuming to implement to be viable.

Kubboz, I think its rather easy to set the camera to front/back/top/side view. Later on this might be implemented to make screenshots of your car much easier and with the exact angle degrees :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, automatic screenshots from every orthographic angle with a plain backdrop would be super easy, we may well do that at some point.

This would be a step for making downloadable pdf brochures for your car designs, on the last page/s usually there is a “tech spec” page, with dimensions, performance numbers and such.