Ideas for manual test mode

Here are some things i noted in manual test mode

  1. the big fan stops an the engine is still running I wood think it should stay on
  2. need water temp an fuel pressure gauge also what about egt
  3. a way to to a pull at a rpm you set that wood be less the red line let say you have a 6000 red line but wet to pull to 5000 but not lower red line


yeah and on the Throttle some finger control would be nice you like a few more sliders so you can adjust the engine revs more accurately you know like a 1000rpm slider and a 100rpm slider so you can exactly measure the power at exact RPMs

  1. Yep. Agreed.
  2. What use would that information be? What design faults diagnose via get or fuel pressure? What would it add to game play?
  3. Well in manual testing mode you can do a whatever revs you back off at.
  1. erm…a fuel pump failure to the engine and I have had that happen
  2. It would be nice to see a crude and fine control levers so you could go to exact RPMs and stuff…who knows

My Thinking on the fuel an egt was it wood help with tuning the engine
For 3 how about a graph like what you get for a pull on a manual pull

EGT doesn’t tell you much beyond giving you an idea of mixture and.maybe power output, and you already know those. Fuel pressure I don’t see the point of at all, as there is no design flaw you can diagnose with it.
The whole point of the auto testing is to give you full stats and a power curve so I’m not sure why you’d want to get one in manual testing when you may not even rev it through the whole range anyway.

I don’t really see how any of these things would improve the game.

We will have a look at the slider issue though. But I think that’s a pretty low.priority bug

were can the manual test mode help video guide be found?

There isn’t one yet, that’s on the list of videos we still need to get done.

There is no slider issue, I don’t know what you are talking about, you can reach every 100 RPM step you want if you’re careful enough. A two slider setup would be pretty horrible for actual gameplay (due to no smooth flow from a single control).

I think the slider is accurate enough as is. You can already very reliably find the point where stuff is breaking and for max power etc., you can do a quick test with the normal mode. Water temp would be pretty useless since the engine usually runs just a few minutes and IF it overheated…put on a bigger fan, but that has to be considered in the car designer I think.
The fuelpump is sized perfectly all the time, so you don’t need a gauge for fuel pressure. Since you can’t choose the size etc. of the device you can’t do anything with that supposed data.
Implementation of this (fuelpumpstuff) has been discussed and is considered to not add anything to the gameplay since you just put on a bigger one, there’s not much else to think of.

I hope I got that right :wink:

KillRob - it seems I havent got that skill yet to do fine adjustments lol I will have to learn that xD

…did you really think through your suggestions before posting them.
A two slider setup makes about as much sense as having two gas pedals in a car…absolutely none. I do agree that the throttle control could be a bit smoother but that probably has more to do with my computer than the game itself.
Water temp doesn’t really make sense as you can’t even do anything about a radiator in the engine designer…that’s supposed to be a part of the car designer…so maybe it will be there? Or maybe not.
Fuel pump thing was already covered quite well and has been talked about before.
Manual testing is more for seeing the stress on parts at different revs not really for seeing power output at specific revs as the dyno already gives you a good graph of the data. It’s not like the in-game engines rev as fast as real engines can so I don’t see the purpose of the manual pulls besides entertaining yourself.

edit: If by EGT you mean exhaust gas temperatures, isn’t that technically part of emissions as hotter gases are more harmful to the environment than relatively cooler gases. Which is why motorcycles are considered worse for the environment than cars that are less fuel efficient. I don’t really see any other point of knowing EGT then again I’m not a professional mechanic/engine builder or engineering major so I could be totally wrong about the importance of EGT.

thanks well scrap the finer controls…but I do think when you get more into designing the cars and testing the engines I think a Fuel pump warning would be nice if your overstraining it and it cant keep pace with the engine…and also failures on the turbos because they do break if you stress them for too long at extreme RPMs it can happen

The in-game fuel pumps can’t be overstrained so that would be redundant. You’re right about turbos but as far as I CAN TELL…I could be totally wrong here…the dyno doesn’t actually apply wear on the engines over time so you could push a near failing turbo at high revs on the dyno for a millions kilometers and it would still run fine.

oh okay then…so what would you wanna see added to this game then?

To the engine designer: nothing… in case you haven’t noticed yet, it’s feature complete (not content complete though).

Personally I’m really looking forward to more options in boosting engines…super chargers, more turbo options as well as more exhaust manifold/header options.
I’d love to be able to replicate my 406 small block and rb26dett. With the current tools I haven’t been able to come close to the V8 without failing problems or falling short in power and torque and the I6 has twin turbos so I can’t do that yet either. Wankel rotary engines would be insane but that would be difficult to pull off as it would probably need its own engine builder. It would also be weird to teach people about them considering they are technically torqueless engines. I’m well aware that this isn’t going to be in the game but is being considered as a possible add-on if the game is successful.

What would you like added?

Ah okay thanks for that man :slight_smile:

I even noticed the Easter Egg of Hoischen Instruments haha

I personally would like to see a fuel flow indicator or gauge in liters per hour. Is the bit I think that could be added.

yeah I could see that coming in useful to check if the fuel consumption isnt too great or not although it already does that in the display after the engine test…but it would be good to see a gauge showing it as the Revs increase