Improved Colour Palette

We desperately need an improved colour palette for our cars! Can we possibly get one in the next update, or a mini update that includes a more complete one? Here’s some examples:



3 (The bit at the bottom)

Thanks for considering guys!

I still think it would be cool if we could name our own colors!

[color=#000000]Stealth Black[/color]
[color=#000080]Have Blue[/color]
[color=#FF4000]Afterburner Orange[/color]
[color=#545454]G-Loc Gray[/color]

Otherwise, I’ll just make separate models and give them names that correspond to the color… whatever works. :laughing:

There probably will be a full new color palette for the next big update, yes.

W00T! Many colors to choose from, so I can make a Black car. :wink:

Oh yeah, both the current colours and paint shaders suck… Colours to be improved soon, shaders when we go to Unity.

Unity? What is this “Unity” you speak of?

Same game engine as Kerbal space program, the devs will be switching over at somepoint.