Improvements on the "Market" tab / Better info on consumers

At the moment I find it very hard to find out what’s important to the consumer groups you want to aim your car at. You only get a list of their preferences once you’re in the trim menu. And those are somtimes not helpful cause they show groups that might be similar, but they’re not what you wanted to aim at. I find that a lot of time goes to waste switching between the market window and then making small changes to trim or engine.
It would be very helpful if you could get the same info that you get in the trim menu by hovering over the consumer group in the Market tab in the main menu.
For later versions, it might help if you could select which groups you want to cater to right at the beginning of a new car.
I hope this will get better at least with the Unreal update :slight_smile:


Yes, agree with this so much. For the engine stuff especially. A lot of the time, changing one thing will be universally negative unless you change other things around as well. But after that, if the score has gone up or down, it becomes very slow to adjust four things, check, go back, adjust those four again, check, go back, and so on.

It’s already been answered. These things won’t happen until Unreal, devs say Kee engine is too unstreamlined to handle such a task

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Agreed, apart from

…it might help if you could select which groups you want to cater to right at the beginning of a new car.

In order for any demographic to calculate obviously the car needs to be finished, so selecting something right at the start can never be a thing.

Obviously it couldn’t calculate a correct score without the car. I don’t know how you calculate the score, so maybe what I’m thinking of is indeed not possible or would require too much effort to implement. My thinking was that maybe there could be a way to show how an action might affect the end result. E.g. when chosing a body style, you could highlight bodies that are suited for the consumer group you’re aiming at.
Or you could have something like arrows indicating a possibly higher final score. Example: I want to build a Heavy Utility vehicle. So if I click on a body style with more cargo space than the previously selected one, it gives me a green up arrow or something, so I know I made a better choice.
We just really need a way to show how the general design has to be (how many seats, things like that), especially for beginners.