Inline 1: The ULTIMATE Engine layout

Hear me out, I came back from a hiatus, watching some recent campaign playthroughs like the one of the resident Killrob, playing some of the career mode myself, and then came to the conclusion that there are MANY reasons why the addition of inline 1 Engines MUST be considered possibly even for the base game!
Inline 1 engines…
-were one of the very first engine types ever developed
-have seen use in numerous classic cars within Europe and Japan
-still sees widespread use in many light utility and offroad vehicles
-are the engine type of choice for a whole branch of globally popular motorsports
-have even seen use for the development of formula 1 engines ( )

And within Automation, their use would also be just that:
-starting engine type with lowest ET and PU costs
-good use for the smallest and most utilitarian cars
-they can still be ridiculous oddballs within the game’s sandbox, creating content
-within the career mode, could also be used for quick prototyping tech unlocks and familiarity as mule engines
~and they could also hint for a “microcar” DLC pack bundling I2, Boxer 2 and V4 and smaller car bodies
~would help fill all 7 cylinder count slots within the inline engine branch if the inline 8 gets added down the line, too!

So praise be up for the PUREST and most elegantly simplistic basic engine layout there could be, INLINE 1 ENGINES, I personally expect them in Automation!

I’d even trade Wankels and Diesels for the Inline 1!


Sorry. Flat 1 for the win.


V1 is clearly better


thicc 1 is preferred, no?

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Though, 60 degree or 90 degree V1?



I’m personally a radial 1 kind of guy

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180º V1

1 cyl opposed piston engine…

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that could be a 2 piston :thinking:

No, no, it’d be one cylinder but there’s a counterbalance flailing about whacking in to stuff at high speed.

Still better than a TwinAir.

I personally am a fan of the W1

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