Invent technology

Ok i have searched that there was one Person that had this idea but mine is different

my idea is that you invent technology at the current year but this time changing how it works like a 4wd system that will adaptively change the Power distribution or ability to Rotate the engine at an angle of 79 degree or changing how the turbo works.

Hope the idea isn’t really crazy

if crazy … :open_mouth:
Edit:just realize i could have just put it on my other forum but Its probably too late by now

I feel like inventing technology would be a bit hard to do. That would require a great degree of tediousness into car, and add a lot of unnecessary parts to the game for building. I think it’d be more important to ‘import’ the real world technologies to the virtual world, and then spend more time working on how different parts react to each other, so different layouts work better than other layouts.

Also it would be virtually impossible to implement given there’s no restriction on what one ‘invented’. You’d never finish tycoon mode like that!

Hence the system of the tech pool, which you can assume covers variations or improvements on existing technologies.

I think the games R&D system will be sufficient for this sort of thing… I mean, you will have to do some research to gain access to new tech like Turbos or new fuel systems I would imagine, as well as improve upon to technology you do have(tech pool)…

I don’t know how this would be possible really?

It’s like an “open world”, only with “open technology”. hahaha Don’t you guys have an accurate “future prediction” algorithm?? :wink: