Is Automation worth the money?

I was thinking about getting Automation to build some crazy big ass supercars and hypercars. I opened up the Steam page and was astounded by how much the game was. I’m no professional, but a game that is essentially a much better version of the BeamNG parts selector for £23.79 is kinda overpriced sounding. Could some people give me advice on this? No need to just say “Automation is the best game ever.”. Give me the truth please, no matter how harsh and/or ugly it is.

Quick note from me, as for now I don’t have time to elaborate - if you plan to use Automation just as a car source for Beam, then yeah, that’s quite a lot. But Automation is much more than that, a full game on its own. Campaign, forum challenges, challenging yourself with certain design goals, creating full virtual companies - all that fun stuff. Some people are happy with Automation as an addition to Beam, I’m happy with Beam as an addition to Automation.

Nobody can tell if it’s worth it, as it’s about your money. But ask yourself a question if you’re interested in Automation as a GAME, or rather as a “DLC” for Beam - and if the latter, if you think that’s a fair price for a DLC. Depends on how you’re gonna use it.

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After writing this I went to Steam and bought it. I decided “What could go wrong? I can refund this!”. I’m absolutely HOOKED!!! RN I’m developing an AWD 7 speed inline 6 2995 cc convertible. It looks like a Ferrari and I’m loving it!!!


Welcome! Join in on the community car build challenges if you want to supercharge your skills!


Well, you have your answer! This game allows you to construct all kinds of cars. You could go the lore way and build up a whole car company story, or you could just build whatever you want in the heat of the moment - or both. And like Lanson said, challenges can whip you up into shape real fast!

Yeah and FYI there’s a really useful thread…Crowd sourced detailing guides that has some of the best tips and tricks ever.

The Gran Turismo series used to be my favorite game of all time, besides Command & Conquer Generals and all the Sim Cities…I digress…

But yea, Automation with BeamNG is all I play now…that and Zelda BOTW.