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Founded in 1958, instantly jumping into the British roadster craze with the Comet - a well powered, sort-of family sized, sports car.
The comet began production in the south of England, staying as a relatively small company still.
Currently, they have 2 production factories, still only making sports cars with the odd sedan or so.
(More lore will be added later, im not very good at this)


Vertically stacked headlights on the 240Z body? Odd to say the least, but at least it’s not hideous. Also, the rear lip spoiler is mounted too far forward, and would most likely look even better still if it were color-coded. One more tip: Make sure to recolor the brake calipers. If you can’t decide on a suitable color, you may want to use the Plastic material instead of the default Red Paint option.

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Ah, I didn’t see the brake callipers lol, thanks for the tips aswell

1985 Develle Fury GT-S and the Fury GT-R,
The GT-S comes with a 186 horsepower, naturally aspirated, Inline 4 engine. A 5 speed manual is fitted stock, sending all horses to the rear wheels. It’s the perfect car for someone looking to drive with the family, and also have a bit of fun on the weekends.
The GT-R however, comes with a 290 horsepower, naturally aspirated, V8. It has sportier suspension, sportier wheels, sportier gear box… you get the point. The practicality is still there, featuring all 5 seats of the GT-S.

Pick one, Or, maybe both, from a Develle dealership near you.

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The Fury line is actually a decent-looking car, quite frankly. With the V8 option it would have been the most potent muscle car of its day by some margin - and it would have been a great grand tourer as well. My only complaints are that the wing mirror and rear spoiler are too futuristically shaped for 1985 - a boxier, blockier one would have been more period-accurate. And given that a two-door coupe of this size is not expected to seat five occupants comfortably (whereas a four-door sedan or wagon generally is), a four-seat interior option (with two full-size rear seats instead of three) could be considered, for those willing to trade practicality for comfort.

Gave it more of a Nissan skyline rear wing, and the same mirrors as the GT-S just smaller for them little extra bits of aerodynamics

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I also now notice that the back end is very bland, but less is more i guess

The space between the taillights could accommodate a license plate bracket, a full-width reflector, or both.

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There used to be a liscence plate in there, i just removed it for the sake of looking like a showroom car

I may smell some RAUK competition here…

It would appear so…

Are you in need of a quick, competition beating, proven track car? Look no further than the Develle Valkyrie. A 320hp V8 monster, ready to defeat most cars you throw at it. The Valkyrie has been extensively tested at our track, in multiple wet, dry and many other conditions, proving strong to all of them.

Styling beauty.
The Valkyrie Has undergone many styling redesigns, finally settling on a one of a kind front end. The many beautiful styling choices will turn heads at autoshows and weekend drives around.

Develle Valkyrie, British sporting extraordinaire


Some lore,
The Valk proved mildly successful due to the companies small nature. It was produced from '72 to '74. Not many units were sold making it a pretty collectible car in the modern year. Many people found the front lights rather peculiar, and that the very low door handle was, well, too low. Other than that, the car was a good performer, and a pretty smooth drive.
(Should’ve added this in the post but i forgot to)

Damn…you took the Valkyrie name before me, I guess that I have to choose another name for one of the future RAUK models then. :joy:

But I love the design I must say, a real beast. Has loads of attitude in the same way as, for example, the De Tomaso Pantera, which I guess would have been one main competitor IRL.


Looks like i beat you to the name lol :joy: im sure you could still call it the Valkyrie though, im pretty sure there are hundereds of Valkyries on here - plus it fits on any sort of sports car imo

And now that you mention it, it does look very pantera-ey

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With so much speed and presence, it would not be a surprise that any ads for the Valkyrie would have been accompanied by none other than Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries!

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Im imagining that in my head now lol. Or maybe even over a top gear review section, with the flashy camera cuts and engine noise and, of course, Jeremy Clarksons commentary

I feel a lot of potential in it that can scare anyone.

“What on earth is that thing!?” You might say, with a chorus of others.
This is the Develle Comet MK2, Your (Hopefully) favourite british roadster, re-imagined in this 1982 body.

The Comet MK2 is complete in the classic blue of the original roadster, Complete with a turbocharged V6 pushing out 220 Horsepower to the rear wheels. The manual gear box gives you complete control over the 161 mph top speed, and its impressive 0-60 in only 5 seconds!

Leave redlight racers the dust with the new 1982 Comet MK2.

Comet - The modern roadster

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