It's all about weight

Hi, I’m extremely enjoying this game so that is like, I spent two thirds of every weekend into it :laughing:

Anyways, here are my suggestion for the car designer and these are both related to weight adjustment/calculation:

  1. Players can choose the material parts by parts like we do in engine designers.
    This would be very useful and realistic and practical, because this feature add depth and fun to the car designing.
    with this feature, we can adjust weight distribution more easily, like we use aluminum for the bonnet, and the steel for the rest. I think weight distribution DOES matter a lot for car performance.

  2. Vents should have weights (reduction).
    Vents in car designer should have weight of its own. this means, if attach the vents to the front bumper, we can gain the weight reduction according to the vents surface size.
    This also contributes adjusting the weight balance.

What do you guys think about it?

Heyya! Glad you are enjoying the game, or what there is of it so far at least :wink:
About your suggestions:

  1. That is very difficult to package into something intuitive and easy to use, also it is a clusterfuck for balancing. We thought about this too and decided against it: too little gameplay value compared to how much time it takes the player to set up and tune.

  2. That would mean that the best solution to every car is to make it one single huge grille or pair of vents, to counter body mass as much as possible. We don’t want to discriminate taste (apart from the cooling requirement of the engine, which is important enough technically to warrant such a mechanic), so no bonus or penalty for placing vents is acceptable apart from the cooling stuff.


Thanks for the quick reply killrob!
I’m looking forward to see this awesome game finished.
Anyways, If you want a japanese translator, PM me. I’d love to be the one, as I’m (maybe the only?) Japanese. :wink:

Ahh, that’s great :slight_smile: we’ll definitely need translators for Japanese before the game is released, your help would be much appreciated. It will be a while before we start with that though.

Would it be possible to have materials for Fex front end, backend and middle section of the car. Or material thickness or something. I would really like to balance a car as I want and it’s not possible at the moment…

Yes, that would be technically possible, but it’s not something we would do. Like I said, it’s too much work for too little and a lot of extra UI on top of what we already have.

What about material choice for suspension components?

These could affect certain a variety of factors such as an increase if handling from reduced unsprung weight which would also allow you to increase the comfort with lower spring rates without sacrificing performance. They would also affect the material cost and production units of the car and overall give the player a bit more customization.

A few materials that could be used:
Cast Iron
Cast Aluminium
Forged Aluminium
Billet Alumnium

I think it would be a cool addition that would give the player a bit extra to add onto a high performance model besides just a more powerful engine and a few revised settings

Also FWIW I liked the idea of having an option for aluminium hoods… Those FF cars need all the help they can get.

I like this idea, if only because my Mark VIII has aluminum suspension components, while the equivalent Thunderbird uses iron. :stuck_out_tongue: However, for the sake of time/simplicity/gameplay value, it’d probably be easier just to tie suspension weight to the quality slider.