JARI High Speed Oval / Yatabe Test Track

Yatabe Test Track

An oval high-speed driving course particularly suited for the testing of vehicle safety features. Has low-, mid- and high-speed lanes and is furnished with a track lighting system for nighttime driving tests.

The Yatabe Test Track (Formally known as the JARI Proving Ground High-Speed Oval Track) is a 5.5km long oval circuit in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. The course was famously known in Japan for hosting Option Magazine’s Speed Trials where cars famously drove over 300km/h on this very track. Testing eventually stopped when the editor-in-chief of Option2 Magazine, Masa Saito, died in a car accident on the track.

This track has been recreated to the best of my abilities in Automation, and features 2 splits at the beginning of turn 1 and at the end of the second straightaway.

DL: Yatabe Test Track.zip (77.2 KB)

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