Wangan Slickers Challenge [FINAL PART]

Wangan Slickers

Tokyo, Japan - 5th July 1999

Japan is the home of anime, technology, culture, cuisines, and other prominent things that outsiders like. They have everything on an island where they have sat and geek on about.

Of course, we can’t forget about their vehicles, which people like, particularly the tuning culture. Drift, touge, dajiban, and highway racing on C1, Yokohane, and Wangan line are all options.

But for all illegal races and such, there’s a club called High Noon Club which is dedicated to seeing who can be the quickest person and maintain above 320km/h for 1 minute on a public road.

The club is made up of a German automobile, the Steurmann SC-300, an American sports vehicle, the Denver Arachne, and a Japanese luxury sedan, the Atera Osaka Great Crest. The most well-known automobile from the three, though, is the Denver Arachne, which was featured in Variation Magazine in November 1997. All of the member’s car can be viewed here :

But it was just the highway racing division; the club also had a touge division, but that’s a matter for another day. For the time being, we’re concentrating on the highway racing division.

However, the club is seeking for new candidates because the trio was not enough. They are looking for their next member who is brave and confident enough to sent their car up to 320km/h+ on a public road. The candidates will be tested on Yatabe Speedway.

Long story short, fast car that will be test on Yatabe Speedway and will be part of the High Noon Club.


  • No body requirements which means you can send in a truck, minivan or anything but please no meme bodies.
  • The car model and trim year have to be in 1940-1999
  • No engine requirements or size limit but no V16 engine.
  • No drivetrain requirements.
  • Engine ET : 200
  • Trim ET : 200
  • Approximate Cost : $100k soft limit, the lesser the better.
  • Race parts and semi slicks are allowed.
  • Fuel Type : 98 RON


The club members consist of your average salarymen and salarywomen, they’re no expert race car drivers but they can handle powerful cars.

Having a fast car with a lot of body roll angle is just one step to meet god in heaven, they don’t want sloppy and boaty cars.

The club wanted a car that can do many runs in one night.

Fuel Economy
Their usual course is either C1 Loop or Wangan line which is cover alot of area per km, they don’t want their car to sip alot of fuel and die during mid-run.

Just don’t make a full race cars, they’re legal street cars.

They don’t want to meet god at an early age.

Service Cost
Ease of maintenence and such, you get the point.


They don’t want to attract police during daytime or not in during race.

Gotta fit in your spare parts and computer bits for tuning your car before the run.

Pretty self explanatory.








The challenge opens now! The Deadline is here.

Naming Convention

both of model and engine family name : WSC - (your forum username) Trim name : Name of your car Variant name : Your engine name

If you have any questions about this challenge, just let me know.


why not say when the deadline is in the post? i can understand adding a timer onto that, but not saying in the first place seems unnecessary

you can just click the deadline, it’s not that hard lol


yes i know, im probably being too nitpicky, but still

I might got it confused…

When you say “sleeper”…I’m thinking of something that doesn’t look fast at all but is an all out rocket…

But your inspirational pictures say otherwise. Those cars are not sleepers.

Please clarify.

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I can change it but if you have some examples for me, go ahead.

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I’m headed to work right now so hopefully I can get to it at lunch, if not I’ll post something later in the day.

that porsche is definitely over 320, though apart from that i like the challenge, started to work on it right now, nice idea!

Let me ask, since there is a lot of disagreement in the discord, are the inspiration vehicles a good target to aim for aesthetically? Tastefully modded? Or should the vehicles look slow.

Sleeper is a subjective term and I think people might want to send in rusty pickup trucks and 600hp taxicabs if this isn’t clarified.


Yeah, it also comes down to - do you consider the 3 current cars to be sleepers or not? Do they have non-sleepers and are looking specifically for a 4th car that IS a sleeper, or are the original trio also considered sleepers?

Basically “They have cool tuned/mod cars but now they want a sleeper instead” vs “Please do not send obvious supercars or overly kitted cars, but must match the original trio”


yeah, there’s a confusing disparity between

  • The cars in the club shot,
  • The cars in the inspo pics, and
  • The cars you want to see entered based on requirements and priorities.

do you want sleepers? do you want pre-modded and -stickered wangan cruisers? do you want base jdm cars that will be turned into wangan heroes? even the priorities are honestly confusing, where it feels like you’re asking for a car that can perform well in everything except for cargo hauling. please elaborate.


EDIT : I’ve decided to drop the sleeper status due to people confused at inspiration and the synopsis. Now, the challenge is open to all type of cars.

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I hate to ask a question this late, but is there any requirement for a catalytic converter? Nothing in here enforces a cat, and I could see aftermarket cars running a test pipe instead, but it’s always worth checking.

Just to clarify, when you say no engine requirements, does that include the engine year as well, as in an 80s car with a 2000s engine?

If it didn’t mention in the requirements, you’re free to not add cat.


In view of this, this challenge deserves to simply be called the Wangan Challenge - it’s not just for sleepers anymore, after all.

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Mara Kavaler AMM Millenium Extreme

After spending much of the 1990s on catching up to the rest of the world after the global market liberalisation, Mara realised that while they now had a reasonably modern and competitive line-up with the larger Kavaler and numerous variants of the smaller Zvezda, they still lacked brand credibility outside of purely budget-minded customer segments.

For this reason, they charged their internal performance division AMM with creating a no holds-barred performance-oriented halo version of the Kavaler sedan. Targets to reach were 0-100 km/h under 5s, an attainable top speed beyond 300km/h, and a release before the year 2000. AMM also had to build upon the existing components; fundamentally altering the car or engine architecture, for example, was out of the question.

By enlarging the standard 4.0 Blyz Progress V8 to 4.6 litres and essentially rebuilding and tuning all other parts for highest performance, AMM managed to convert the base Kavaler V8 into the ultimate sleeper, easily surpassing the performance objectives. Beyond the engine, a flat undertray and reduced cooling substantially improved aerodynamics. Tyres were made wider, brakes larger and the suspension adjusted to cope with the almost doubled power output, along with two novelties for AMM: a much needed electronic traction control and their first foray into electronic adaptive suspension. A rear spoiler was also added for some modest downforce.

The otherwise quite plain appearance of the Kavaler remained unchanged - partly because they did not want to be associated with the excesses of 90s tuner culture (and their Irena and Zvezda coupes had been victims of that often enough already), but also partly because the entire project had enough trouble staying within budget as it was.

Road tests found the car to be surprisingly mild mannered for the amount of power produced, the attainable top speed, and Mara/AMM’s lack of experience in producing truly high-performance road cars. Originally, the car - painted in AMM’s signature yellow, of course - was intended to be a one-off project, but since there was sufficient interest at the car’s first public presentation at a car show, AMM decided to take a limited number of orders for additional cars beyond the prototype. No further information is available about eventual buyers, and differences to regular AMM versions of the Kavaler are hard to spot.

1989 Solana GT Turbo

Just a modified JDM Solana GT Turbo. This late 80s cruiser has been modified to push out some serious power, with its modified 5.2l turbocharged V8.



1997 Neko Maneki Sport

Stock car