JOC4C - I don´t want it, but I need it [DONE]

Frankfurt am Main, 2001

Six years have passed, and Bruno Schultz is not as happy as you might think. His DM 500.000 investment in CargoLifter was blown, the company is bankrupt and his money lost. At the same time, his children David and Anna have another sibling, the boy Timo.
The situation is not totally unsolvable, since Brunos income is still decent and the house has been paid off, finally. But the two older kids frequently have their friends around and a third one does not really work well with his Primus Cogonoscenti 500. The three-year old luxury car would be still worth a lot to change it into a van, the Primus Viator. On the other hand, his Zephorus that brought a lot of fun is collecting dust in the garage - feeding a large family with a newborn causes immense sleep deprivation and does not leave the time for cruising. He makes the painful descision to get rid of both cars.

While looking for a Viator, Bruno found a 1999 Merit 300xDDI wagon with an ugly color, but in perfect, like-new condition with low miles for an acceptable price- perfectly for his daily commute and family tasks. Instead of the Viator, Bruno bought this one.
Now they still need a fullsize van - and have DM 20.000 left. In fact, they have 35.000, but he lost all his savings, so he doesn´t want to spend it all. The Viator he wanted has just been sold to another guy. Can you offer Bruno an alternative?



  • Practicality - obvious
  • Design - Bruno may takes this one to work as well, if he is in duty of driving the kids to school, and he does not want to be seen in an ugly car at work
  • Reliability - Stranded on the Autobahn with kids? Better don´t get into this situation
  • Safety . the most important for Bruno is the life of his family. No compromises.


  • Comfort - vacation won´t be done with the Merit, it´s alright for daily duties, but for the long trips, they will take the van and don´t want to travel third class.
  • Drivability - His wife is not a bad driver, but can´t handle a car like Bruno does.
  • Utility - he doesn´t want to abuse his Merit and prefers to haul stuff with the van.
  • Service cost - that van is a burden to drive for him, don´t make it a burden to own as well.


  • Fuel consumption: Bruno isn´t poor just because his bank account is empty. He earns a lot, the house is paid off. Nevertheless, since the van will be used for long vacations, a car with the thirst of an Irish harbour worker would be off the list.
  • Sportiness: If Bruno drives it, it shouldn´t be too bad to go around corners. He sold a f…cking Zephorus for it!


  • Price: The limit is 20k, and since he has more than that left from selling two exclusive machines, he is not afraid of using up these 20k.
  • Interiors: Making this a real priority isn´t fair for me. If you have a great car without interior, you will win. If you have a bad car with nice interior design, you will still not win. It´s most likely to be seen as a factor if I can´t decide between two excellent cars and I don´t want to roll a dice to find the winner.


game version: open beta
model year: 1995-2001
family year: 1990-2001
trim and variant year: 2001
price: 20.000
seats: minimum four full seats, total count must be seven.
techpool: default (this isn´t a CSR where I want you to understand mathematics)
fuel: regular or premium, 91 or 95 ron (that was usual in Germany, 91 was slightly cheaper which will be considered in the judgements, but since fuel economy itself isnt the main priority don´t feel urged to tune down for 91, it´s mainly both allowed to be true to your lore)
safety: minimum standard 90s, Bruno will avoid anything that hasn´t at least dual front airbags
any kind of power steering is required for cars above 1000 kg weight
catalytic converter (three way) required
tire width must end in 5, no cross ply (just avoiding someone pointing out the obvious)
no race parts (as above)
emissions: WES 9


Toyota Preiva

Chrysler Minivans

Ford Windstar

VW Sharan

Fiat Ulysse and it´s Eurovan twins

Submissions will be open untill November 25, 20:00 GMT+1


Definitely has to be a minivan? Seven seat wagon or suv wouldn’t work? What about something kind of in-between like the dodge journey

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The rules are just refering to the seat count, so If it works, it is not forbidden.


I just cooked up a test mule with two trims (a 4-cylinder base model with a standard interior, and a 6-cylinder range-topper with a premium interior) - I’ll finish them both, and decide which one is best for me before submitting.

When you say model year, do you mean that the body style cannot be older than 1995 or are you just concerned with the model year in the top left-hand corner?

I’m assuming it’s the latter unless the host tells us otherwise.

However, when I tested both mules, the more reliable 4-cylinder one turned out to be slower from 0 to 60 mph by ~3 seconds - so I’m tempted to go all-out and submit the V6 option if I finish it in time.

The body can be older, but keep in mind they might have lower safety, which is a top priority.

damn, i just made a whole van only for me to realize it can only fit 6 :frowning:

Two or three rows?


i definitely thought i could fit three rows in the car, but i didn’t realize i couldn’t until i was done, whoops

i made a new van
Introducing the CYD CELESTA EXACTO
straight from communist china!


No deadline date set yet?

We are currently still in the rule discussion. If this ends, the Deadline will be provided. Expect approx. two weeks.


Submissions are O P E N untill November 25, 20:00 GMT+1


2001 LVC LV680

8 seats, a full state-of-the-art advanced safety suite, and a CD stereo sound system, all for just $20k. Need we say more?


I present to you:
Roamer squeaze V6

Squeaze comes from my strugle to fit 7 seats in such frame…


Etoile Virile 724 A/T

Don’t bother with that italian “MPV”, it’s beautiful yes but vastly inferior. You need a french Lifestyle Vehicle.
This is the car of the future.
20 years from now, we will all drive smoothly aerodynamic, hyper fast and voluminous cars.
Our only regret is not being able to fit our Hydrospacetic suspension into the 20.000 market bracket. manly french tears

Embrace blob

A low bonnet and two humps, the way a car should look from inside.


2001 Billancourt Spacieuse L II

Taking advantage of Billancourt’s New Millenium Modular Architecture, the new, second generation Spacieuse L provides ample space and comfort for seven passengers. With incredible packaging, no centimeter of space is wasted on the inside. For speed and smoothness, this top-of-the-line Premium trim sports a 2.5 litre inline-six engine, producing 196 horsepower and driving the front wheels via a five-speed automatic transmission.



2001 Kiyume Heron Famil-8

This cool and fun car is perfect for families who are young love. In addition to transportation, it includes luxury items such as upholstery and a multi-person entertainment system. Kiyume has also partnered withe French AG for our first act to approve liquid air suspension.

Under the front end is a new powertrain designed to eliminate unnecessary waste while delivering linear thrust for acceleration. It offers the best fuel economy while providing enough power to handle city traffic.

Feel our desire to amalgamate the past with the present and the future with the Heron Famil-8!