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Monterey 1/2 ton pickup from Valiant Motors

Shown above is the V8 powered Monterey 241 and six cylinder Monterey 195.

New for 1958 the Valiant light duty trucks now have integrated fenders and and a sleek modern design.

The truck is available as a 1/2 ton and 1 ton load capacities. The 1/2 ton can have 109in and 116in wheelbases. The 1 ton can have 116in and 131in wheelbases

The model shown here is the 1/2 ton with a 109in wheelbase and powered by the 241ci Hi-T V8.


As you have not entered yet, I feel like I should say: light-duty trucks with engines this big simply did not exist in the 50s, you would have to go to a higher-load medium duty truck to get such an engine.

How is it with safety, just the standart in the era (i believe 20)? If i don´t comply, will there be any consequences?

1959 Pittsburgh JP5 Amigo

Based on the venerable JP series of trucks and 4x4s, the Amigo is a jack of all trades. From city driving to hard farm working, and whatever you may ask of it, the Amigo will do it all with a smile.



UPDATED for 1959
SUMA U109B-30

Introducing the newest revision of the U109 series, with all-new styling on the same reliable platform you’ve come to love. Simple, capable, and efficient, the model seen here is a 1-ton truck capable of carrying, towing, or simple driving just about anywhere. With a robust 6-cylinder powerplant, a ride high enough to laugh at obstacles, and a locking differential for tough fieldwork. It’s the perfect complement to anyone who needs to get something done in mud, or has other machinery and materials that needs moved.

It runs great, it works great, and it sips any gas you can give it. What more could you need?

Warranty not valid for wooden components or spare tire exposed to sunlight. Please contact your dealer immediately if you experience steering failure, exhaust fumes in the cockpit, or loss of electric power. Actual capabilities may differ from listed ratings; please see vehicle identification plate for detailed information.


1959 ARC-24P2

Civilianised version of a wartime military vehicle, pickup version. Modifications include the removal of the 4x4 drivetrain, an updated interior with radio, and a larger engine.




5300 V8 Goldline

These cars are not a real product of any manufacturer, any likeness or other similarities to real brands is purely coincidence. Actual model may change in final submission.


She’ll go 300 hectares on a single tank of kerosine!

The all new 1959 Minicar TRUCK Workman’s Horse

32 fixture wonder.

Super cool hood ornament.

It’s a fly and it symbolizes your will to live flying away as you drive your all new 1959 Minicar TRUCK Workman’s Horse


1959 Angus Hammerhead

After mostly focusing on heavy duty and trucks, this is the first foray of Angus into the UTE market. Based on its SC (Small Consumer) platform, this smaller but practical UTE will surprise many on the market.

Rated as 1-ton, it is powered by a 100hp (85hp net), 200 lb-ft inline 6 ecopower engine. The ecopower is perfect for such a small vehicle and allows it to reach 80mph on the freeway with a 3-speed manual gearbox.

At under 9k, it is extremely reliable and handled rough terrain without needing a locker or transfer case thanks to its all-terrain rubber and skidtray. The whole package is also easy to maintain, with a simple AM radio but a slightly better interior finish, dual side view mirror and a roomy bench.

It is the perfect weekend car and it can get busy on the weekend.


Outta mah way, I got work to do!

Putting the “Works” in Dalluha Coach & Motor Works, the 1959 DCMW Ghurruz Standard Six is a medium-duty truck with a clear mission: to get jobs done and look good doing it.

The heart of this beast is a smooth and anvil-solid 4.5L OHV flat-six. Like a true truck motor, its 109hp rating is deceptive, belying real-world performance better represented by a stump-pulling 231ft-lb at a mere 2100rpm. Sent through a wide-ratio 4-speed fully synchronized manual transmission to a full-floating dually rear axle, this powertrain is meant to impress in practice, not on paper.

The 10’ bed features removable wooden side extensions, dual-wall construction to keep the clean bodywork looking that way, tie-down hooks, and a removable steel mesh to protect the cabin from your cargo, however rough it or its loading process may be. Go ahead and chuck those bricks, scrap metal, and goodness knows what else in the back; this truck can take it.

Speaking of cargo, the Ghurruz can carry a full 6000L or 2510kg of it. Strong, high-quality brakes exhibit zero fade no matter how hard it’s driven, even at maximum load. It manages this this with tried-n-true drums rather than some newfangled, exotic, and unfamiliar disk technology.

Speaking of interior, this is no penalty box. Standard-grade amenities include a heater, bucket seats, a standard-quality AM radio, rubber floor liner, a full DCMW gauge cluster, and body-matching paint.

Speaking of styling, the Ghurruz is above following the fickle fashion trends of cars, rather resembling contemporary heavy-duty trucks. Those who want a car with a bed to haul a few milkshakes to the local drive-in movies might look elsewhere. Those who know trucks, and need a real truck, will be well-served by sharp two-tone paint, a no-nonsense grill, subtle chrome, and heat-shielded vertical stack dual exhaust that announces this rig is here to work as hard as you do.

At $10000, the Ghurruz is typical DCMW - not the cheapest choice, but you get what you pay for: a whole lotta truck.

Capable Motors Co.! The new 1959 Capable Heaver!

125 lbft of Torque!
Sits 3
The best off road performance!
Manual locking diff
Comes standard with radio!

Everywhere you go, a Capable is capable


Flint Adirondack 97

At Flint Motors, “Quality First” isn’t just a slogan. It’s a philosophy that guides how we design and build every automobile. And it’s what gives our Adirondack line of trucks their reputation for sturdiness and reliability.

The smallest of our Adirondack line, the 97, is built with the same attention to quality as all of our trucks. The 162 Torque-Thrift engine is designed to produce low-range torque for towing and hauling. It’s also built with Flint’s trademark Precision-Cast block and Sure-Fire fuel system to provide enhanced reliability. The 3-speed Ever-Glide transmission is built for torque off the line and includes enhanced components to keep your driving trouble-free.

When you drive the 97, you’ll feel the solid build quality in the extra weight and sturdiness of everything you touch, from the tailgate to the steering wheel. This quality means that while other trucks will be in the shop or the scrapyard, your Adirondack 97 will still be running strong and getting the job done for years to come.

Flint Motors. Quality First.

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1959 Slovic (not Slavic, I’m not illiterate haha) Motor Company offers the new Budget minded S100 with the Ginchiest being the top trim level of this model.*


So, my gaming laptop blew up the 5th time within the 2 year warranty period… buying the warranty package for that thing was surely one of my best investments.

I still have my old gaming laptop that will a bit struggle with Automation, but it will be good enough for the judging. Sadly, I doubt I can offer complex photoscenes since that´s a bit too much for the 5 year old one…

Well, while the ASUS is really breaking twice every year, guess my issues with the Acer in 5 years: Yep, none.

That sucks, i hope that you can either fix it or get another one soon.

As there is still warranty on it, they will surely swap the mainboard once again.

Still 6 months of warranty on it, so I hope the 6th failure will be still within that period to get it fixed one more time before I have to throw it away… Something is fusing the mainboard over and over, and it´s also having difficulties charging (the plug for the power cable is way too weak, putting it with cable connected to the plug off the table and onto the chair will bend it to the point its only charging when manually pressed in, which is…annoying, to say the least… mousepad broke, keyboard illumination broke, etc… and all that in a range above 2500 Euro - next one will be an Acer again.

So, back to topic, I thankfully do backups almost daily so the data loss isn´t really a problem, but reinstalling everything on the old one takes a bit, might be able to do the bins this week.