Just a couple of Car Ideas (Japan Edition)

Just to throw around a couple of lesser known models that (I think) are awesome in their own way, to give you guys some ideas or some styling inspiration.

1970’s Isuzu Bellet GTR

1968-77 Isuzu 117 Coupe

1967-71 Toyota Crown Coupe

1971-74 Toyota Crown Coupe

1965-1969 Toyota S800

1962-65 Nissan Cedric Custom

1958 Datsun U220 Pickup (basically they just added a tray to the back,as you can tell!)

1960-63 Datsun Bluebird 310

1976 Datsun Violet

1975 Datsun Cherry Coupe

1979-83 Nissan S110 Silvia

1962-67 Prince Gloria Super-6

1972-77 Nissan Laurel

1970 Nissan Gloria Coupe

1965-1968 Nissan Silvia

1987 Nissan MID4 Concept (Nissan’s version of the NSX, but never produced)

1961-66 Subaru Sambar

1990-98 Subaru Sambar “Dias Classic”

1971-81 Subaru Leone Coupe

1985-91 Subaru XT6

1992-97 Subaru SVX

1990 Daihatsu Mira Van! :slight_smile:

2003 Daihatsu Tanto Custom

Daihatsu Midget

1962 Mazda Carol

1962 “Tuned” Mazda Carol :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh, nice, im sure I’ll take some inspiration from some of those.

Re: 1975 Datsun Cherry Coupe - KILL IT WITH FIRE! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why? It looks pretty good. Unproportional a bit, but still good.

yeah, I dont think we got that one here in Aus, but it has a bit of a bad rep over in the UK (iirc)…

The back just… yeah… I guess for people who like the Lotus Europa it would look good :smiley: