Just a few ideas

hi, im new but thought i might have a few ideas, not too sure if they have been mentioned yet.

-Vtec - 16v SOHC, eco… only uses 12v when at a normal cruising speed, full
16v when opened up, on mine Vtec kicks in at about 4800rpm, has
extra lobes on camshaft. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VTEC really gets
into depth here.

extra options for power, BHP, WHP… Torque, ft-lb…

colours - i.e rocker cover, block, filters, HT leads, Dizzy cap.

are electronics going to be added, ecu, vtec solenoid…

just some thoughts, hope all is going well.

think this might be the best car game yet. just what alot of people are looking for. BTW are turbos and intercoolers going to be an option, different stages?


Vtec or to give it a non-Honda name variable valve lift and timining are in the game and there are options for different units for power/torque/length and they selected individually so you can have kW with ft-lbs but not since wheel hp has not been used by manufacturer ever, I don’t see much point in including it.

Colors for engine bits are not a bad idea but I fear it will be low priority.

Electronics are indirectly in the game by the fuel injection choice, but not a direct choice option

Turbos and supercharges will be in the game and there are made room for it but they aren’t there yet, and what is a stage in real world speak? :stuck_out_tongue: and why would you select the components individually…

As a friend of mine put it: “You really have an infinite game there”. Depending on the depth we go, we could be forever making this game.

As T16 has said, we have VVL and VVT. There are no model changes on the cams in game for them. It basically gives you control of a 2nd cam profile. Cam profiles is a slider from Tame to Angry.