Just a few suggestion/ideas

First of all this game is amazing, I know I’m only seeing a small fraction of whats to come and I’m blown away, I’ve been dreaming of seeing a game like this. I had a few thoughts that I’d like to see in the game so here they are.

  1. More cosmetic modifications for engine, currently we can change the valve covers and the colors of the intake box and covers. I personally would like to see some more customization here, say for your intake you pick your type, then have 4 or 5 different cosmetic versions of that intake. Perhaps different heat shields for the manifolds, maybe even ceramic wrap. Painting the blocks and heads or just changing the finish would be a nice touch as well.

  2. More transmission customization. Finer control over gear ratios, different clutch types and materials, different material/qualities for internals, all contributing to the size of the transmission.

  3. For some reason I’d also like to see some radiators in the game, picking the size and material of the radiator, mechanical or electric water pump, coolant capacity. Then when the tycoon part hits we could see how skimping on our cooling has ruined our sales in hotter regions.

  1. I think eventually somewhere far away, maybe as some sort of update I guess or a finishing touch before releasing the game?

  2. This has been spoken about before. The way it is now it’s acceptable for all players and has enough detail. Any more will probably just kill gameflow (causing annoyance or even stopping to play) It should never become something you dont like to do.

3.If you would have used the search option located in the right top, you would have found out about how the devs look at the radiator part. So please use that in the future before suggesting :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents though.