KeiConverter (simple unit converter)

so i just got a bit tired of using online unit converter. and i have a bit of experience with C#.
so i finally decided to make a simple one, the conversions that i personally often use.
but might as well share it here for you guys to use.

it’s made in like 2-3 hours + a little debugging by an amateur. so it is not advanced in ANY way.

easy to use. just input the number and it’ll come out instantly.

i also want some inputs and feedback on what could possibly be added or fixed

(not what could be done better. there is way too much of those :joy: )

known problems : (and these are the ones that i dunno how to fix)

  • some antivirus and windows defender really doesn’t like running a program from an unknown developer so you may encounter some problem there. just add it to the exception list or something. i wrote this myself. nothing malicious inside, it was, at first, mainly for personal use anyway

  • some sort of globalization problem? i think it depends on the localization of your pc, you need to test, do you need to use dots, or commas for entering decimal numbers.

here’s the actual file.
KeiConverter (8.8 KB)

also not pretty in any way. i know


  • added torque unit conversion
  • added pressure unit conversion
  • added capacity unit conversion
  • added app icon (credit to @ramthecowy)

UPDATE v021:

  • fixed the km/l to MPG calculation fuckup that i made on the last update

Iz using dis

Thank you for making this.

One quick suggestion, how about for torque? Nm to Ft. Lb and vice versa?


these 3 should be done today

  • Torque Conversion
  • Bar to PSI
  • capacity -> cc to Cubic Inch

the program has been updated.


  • added torque unit conversion
  • added pressure unit conversion
  • added capacity unit conversion
  • added app icon (credit to @ramthecowy)

Wow, both F-secure and Smartscreen are shouting at me: “DON’T OPEN IT IT’S A VIRUS!!”
Me: “How so?”
Antiviruses: “It’s not in common use.”
Me: “F*ck off.” opens program

Other than that, it seems to be working fine. Good job! :smile:

Edit: oh look, the first post says about the antiviruses… Whoops, didn’t read :joy:


Thank you @koolkei; it’s a convenient little tool.
This is the first time I can tell Google, “I’ll take my business elsewhere” for something. Well done. :+1:

Interestingly enough, my anti-virus didn’t care at all about opening it. I’m on Symantec Endpoint.
It does have reputation-based ratings… but exclusively for pirated software apparently; since it didn’t flag your program.

The only thing I got was SmartScreen again, and I just told it to go away and it went smooth.

Ah, the app icon is your avatar with the Automation logo cut out of it. Very clever @koolkei ! :grin:

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that part was @ramthecowy’s idea, and he made the icon. i just applied to the program what he gave me :slight_smile:
also, i still dunno how to give the program a proper thumbnail though

also another new update. just a fuckup fix guys :joy: