Knowing the Consumers

Recently I made a post asking about all the test meanings here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=1717&p=14937#p14937

With one of the replies that came through, I realized that some of the figures on there are just numbers without a real representation of how appealing or what “standard” they should be around. With that, it got me thinking that we should be able to see a percent “appeal” with each figure that comes from the test. This would give us a little more of a ball park estimate of what we should be hitting on some of those numbers. I understand that currently with the game there would be no way to see appeal, so why not have us see what the highest for each stat is so we know how well designed our car is.

Well, all the fake stats like “Responsiveness” are just 0 - 100 ratings. But I the other real figures like power, economy etc. would be a bit weird to quote a maximum, I mean if we quoted a maximum power right now it’d change as soon as we introduced turbos, then again when we introduced V12s, etc.

There were rumors about a short verbal feedback for those unit-less stats (Resonsiveness, Smoothness, Loudness, …), like “Very Poor” or “Megasmooth”, would be included in the Revamp. Is this still being worked on or has the idea been dropped?


Ok, a better way to explain what I’m looking for is if we were to base the engine testing off of today’s standards, what would the figures have to meet. Emission wise I’m not sure what an unreasonable amount is, I know the lower the better, but if I were to try and sell it in the US what is the highest emission rate that would still be legal. Or when it comes to response and smoothness, what is considered the normal or average for vehicles. So I’m more asking what today’s engine “standards” are for each figure so I know how good my actual engine is, it would be nice to know that I made a better then today engine at a lower cost and hours to build, but not knowing what today’s engine takes or uses as it’s ball park area makes it difficult to know how well my engines are built.

Yup, I know what you mean. Is a bit hard currently, will improve when you have emissions laws, competitors products etc to compare to

Good to know! Thanks