Please make automation work for people who only have laptops. I can’t select or change the field of view with a touchpad. example make a button that says zoom and with my touchpad I can change height.

this problem has nothing to do with my lappy’s specs they are as follows:

Intel core i5 1.8 GHz 3773U

8 GB of Ram

Geforce 630M GT + 2 GB of VRAM (independent of the 8).

7200 RPM Black scorpion HDD.

I know that I can solve this problem by just buying a USB mouse; but some people including me are more comfortable with a touch pad then a mouse.

the + and - keys next to the top row of numbers work for zoom, that’s the best solution for using it with a touch pad :slight_smile:

thanks daffy! :mrgreen:

works like a charm now.

What about rotation keys? Eg.Up down left right keys?