Latest Update /steam

Hi Guys,

I´ve bought your game in 2013. Now you´ve moved it to steam, and i do not find it at greenlight, and so I´m not able to get the latest Update. There´s also no Manual, how to convert the existing Files and starter to a steamcompatible one. Sorry I´m real pissed about this circumstances, and especialle about the unfindibility at steam. Pleas send me an useres manual, how to find you, and how to update my version to the latest…#


Dom :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

There is one very good reason as to why you can’t find the game on steam.

It isn’t there yet. This will come in the next update. Had you looked around a little bit or just checked their youtube channel, you would have found that out yourself.

When it comes time to move to steam, you’ll be informed.