Lcv 4.2 enginegraph

hi there

For all the engine-revamp that will be done with comming lcv4.2, can you implement a graph for Brake-specific fuel consumption ? Like the shelldiagram on wikipedia which shows engineload, rpm, efficiency. The datas should be provided by your calculations anyway and for eco-engines, this would be a nice info instead of the efficency on full throttle like we have now.

No, we’re not planning on doing that. We do have similar data, but that is quite simplified and wouldn’t be that interesting to look at. All power and eco curves are measured at full throttle. 90% throttle tends to be optimal, everything else gets a penalty depending on how far away from the optimal point you are. For the eco calcs we have a simple calculation for how much throttle currently is applied.

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Well, i will enjoy the turborevamp anyway. Cant wait for 4.2
When do you expect to be at 4.2? This year? I know, the times are hard but a rough estimation?

I think this year is realistic, yes!