Le Mans Modernized Group C Challenge [SUBMISSIONS OPEN]

Hello guys, after having designed various prototypes for my Group C Revival project, now it’s up to you to design these beasts.
Submissions are accepted until the 6th of August. Car’s specs, photos etc should be presented here, and all the .car files should be sent to me.
Here’s the rules:


  • Engine family and variant set to year 2020
  • Car model and trim set to year 2020
  • Closed Cockpit Prototype
  • Max width 2100mm
  • Wheelbase between 2.5m and 3.0m
  • Min weight 800kg
  • Max engine volume 3.5L (NA) or 2.5L (Turbo)
  • Fuel must be methanol
  • AWD is permitted
  • Max qualifying map power 1000HP
  • Ground effect permitted, but the area from the front wheels to 1m behind the front wheels has to be flat
  • No fully active suspension, damper or anti roll system is permitted
  • No active aero is permitted, not even airbrakes
  • This challenge wants the High Downforce trims of these Group C cars, so target top speed is 330-360 km/h. When I’ll do another challenge for Low Downforce trims, top speed target will be 380-410 km/h
  • Side mirrors cannot be cameras, but a rear view camera is permitted.

Photo for inspiration:

Cars will be evaluated according to these factors:

  • Laptimes (up to 25 pts)
  • My opinion on design, details and aero (up to 25 pts)
  • Public Vote (up to 50 pts)

Good Luck!

Remember that deadline for submissions is on:

August 6, 2023


Please join in mass, this can be a great challenge

Some other images of my cars for inspiration:


If Group C were resurrected and reimagined for the present day, this is what it would most likely look like.

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Yep, that’s all designs of mine. Now I’m looking forward to see your designs!

Remember to send photos, .car file and description of the car here!

is there a rule change suggestion period?

Yes, you can suggest rule changes until the 15th of July. I also have some additional rules.

Is there a minimum/maximum aerodynamic load allowed?

Nope, aero load is basically free

RULESET UPDATED, Check first post!

First potential challenger I’ve made, the Tampa Motors Hyper-C

Barely skirting what’s actually legal for the challenge, this hypercar clocks in around 1:29.5 on a lap of the Automation test track, producing a whopping 3.1 tonnes of downforce at top speed.

Car File - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TgktE9txZZbakSpcdD3oLt5_DO2lYwX_?usp=drive_link

Photos -

(sorry for post spam, only registered my forum account just for this lol)

do we really need the " the area from the front wheels to 1m behind the front wheels has to be flat" part? seems kinda nip-picky ngl

Mine isn´t! Have not received any feedback tho :stuck_out_tongue:

start the diffuser from roughly a bit earlier than half the wheelbase

ok… alright then

Is there any naming convention?