Leaner burning engines

I would like to know if it is possible to have leaner burning engines added to the game as the current leanest AFR is in reality quite a rich burning one considering some engines burn way leaner than that irl, i just thought that i would bring this up as there seems to be very little said about this on the forum

1. Search “lean” and the top number 2 result is a thread about AFR ratios, with number 5 being a fuel mixture thread as well. (number 1 is currently this thread)

2. Automation “AFR slider” is more like a moving target with carbs, and a “richening limit / Fuel amount limit” with the efi stuff.

3. Having a 15:1 or leaner AFR at WOT is a recipe for piston-melting disaster…

To Summarize:

Automation AFR is really just “power enrichment at WOT” and Automation does “simulate” cruise AFR being much leaner, especially with any EFI systems in game.


I am long aware of this having been a regular on the forums for several years. But Little Devil’s Advocate here.

Does not AFR give the impression of directly controlling well… AFR? I don’t feel like hiding the fact that it’s not is good UI design, hence why this question continually surfaces.