Leopard Motor Corporation

Leopard Motor Corporation is an Utadarian auto manufacturer, mostly selling badge engineered Toyotas in Utadar. In addition, they also sell indigenous designs. Leopard was the second largest Utadarian car manufacturer until 2009, when Yolium took over second place. However, Leopard remains popular, especially in the budget segment after Orbit introduced the second-generation Badger.

(This takes place in the same universe as @Aladeen’s Utadar Orbit Manufacturing Co. As such, you may see references to Orbit or Orbit models in this thread. If you have time, check that thread out.)

If you wish to enter into a partnership with Leopard (or any of my companies here), PM me and I will gladly work with you!

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Leopard Sedan (1969-1987)

In 1967, Yaroslav Ardankin purchased a factory in Parfënki, the capital of Utadar. Together with his friend, Vladimir Blazhenov, he founded Leopard Motor Corporation, so-called due to Blazhenov’s fondness for big cats. Over the next two years, they got to work designing a simple two-door sedan that could possibly one day rival the mighty Utadar Car. The end result was the Leopard Sedan, powered by a 1.4 liter, 61hp engine, and it was an instant success, selling nearly 10 million units in 18 years.

Parfënki, Utadar (Leopard Manufacturing Utadar)

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