Let us beef up the bottom end

Let us adjust how heavily built the crank, conrods, and pistons are, for things like realistic heavy truck engines (or super high power hypercars :wink:).

Basically I’m envisioning like a slider.

WIth stock in the middle, one extreme will be +max torque +max rpm +weight +cost +longevity -responsiveness, the other extreme being the reverse. Should probably also increase/decrease smoothness in engine layouts that aren’t inherently balanced. I see this as allowing for a wider range on engines to be built, as gives a fun, simple mechanic into really letting us build the kind of engine we want, from a super “built” tough-as-nails stump puller (Think the legendary GMC Twin-Six, many of which ran for decades in stationary applications driving well pumps), or super lightweight racing engines that only need to last for perhaps a few dozen hours.

I don’t think this is needed at all, in real life you can’t make indestructible pistons from some cosmic substance that can handle massive abuse like 2500000 horsepower. The options we have now are enough :smiley:

I’m not saying allow us to build impossible stuff, but right now it’s very possible to build a not-that-insane engine that fails, or is at least severely RPM-limited by the bottom end. In the real world there are engines that are built beefier than stock for sure. Like anything indented to last for tens of thousands of hours in commercial service.

It also gives us interesting choices, always a good thing in game design. For instance - say I’m building a big beefy V-8 muscle car engine. I need to be strong (high specific output), but I also plan on putting it in lots of mid-market GT cars, so I don’t want to use really expensive stuff - like titanium. So instead - if I’m willing for the engine to not rev as a fast and weight a bit more, and I can use more solidly build conrods that’ll take the power.

As of now the engine builder is " complete" per say they left us with it . They may revise it at a later date but you have to envision the goal, its not about the most realistic engine simulator ever, its about a semi realistic car sales tycoon in which you have the ultimate control over your cars engine, the design and ultimate sale of it in diffrent factorys… So maybe they will at a later date go back, revamp, add take away etc. to give us a somewhat " polished " atmosphere, but currently their just laying out the foundation. Engine builder, car design builder and then ultimately the tycoon part of it. :slight_smile: So just keep this in mind when you suggest something they are only checking for bugs on, or just adds another headache for them to bother with

I’d argue that it IS a bug, since some real life engines flat do not work because they can’t rev to the real life rev limit, even using better-than-real life bottom end components. Try recreating the 9k RPM screamer fromt eh Honda S2000 accurately for instance.

Don’t forget that engines like the S2000 for example would have the tech slider set all the way up. The tech slider is the way of building a better set of parts than you otherwise would be able to, but at extra expense.

I have, it works perfectly.