[LHC] - Letara History Challenge - Rd 5 [Results being posted]

Since fixture materials are still broken, will there be any leniency with getting the lights to function? I can’t map any of my taillights correctly and they don’t illuminate no matter what setting I select


I think we will see another hotfix by then, but that reminds me again of lobbying against light Rules next time :rofl:


1990 Minerva Millenium

Who needs a private jet?

Sure, some businessmen will tell you they have to travel all over Letara, and it’s the most comfortable way to travel. Some say it’s the fastest way to get between here and there.

Well, we can’t dispute faster, but we can make an argument for “most comfortable.”

It starts with a solid platform. Multi-Link rear suspension, double wishbone front suspension, a strong unibody chassis with the engine up front, where it should always go.

Then it goes into the engine works and, this time, our engineers were told to hold nothing back when making this engine smooth and powerful. The end result is a 64 valve, all-aluminum V16, making 450 horsepower from 7.3 liters of engine. An engine that runs so smoothly you can balance coins on top of the intake system, rev the engine, and the coins remain standing. This engine is muffled well, too - If it wasn’t for the tachometer, you might not even realize it’s actually running.

Then it’s mated to the iVFC-4 computer-enhanced automatic transmission, powering the rear axle through a limited slip differential. The result is a powerful engine and smooth transmission, ready for the rest of the luxury car to be assembled around it.

Our crew hand-assembles every Millenium’s interior. Stitched leather seats with side bolsters and extra padding, real wood trim, high-quality carpet, and the latest in magnetic tape playing technology, all combined together to make this the ultimate experience.

But our engineers weren’t quite done yet. How many four-door cars do you know of that can put the roof down at the flip of a switch?

Ours can.

Whether you’re cruising down a highway or just driving through the city, if the weather’s in your favor, you can let the sun and fresh air in.

1990 Kasivah Vilmarin

Fun for the Whole Family.

We’ve all been there. “Hey, honey, I’m pregnant. You’re going to have to sell the sports car.”

You pick up the latest car ads after work, looking through boring boxes called “vans”, taller boxes they call “SUVs”, wagons and sedans that promise you 16 years of boredom just because you have to get a car that can handle a child.

But then you see a familiar name. Kasivah. Yes, the maniacs who played with turbochargers and kicked off a power war not that long ago. The people who leaked a dyno sheet to the press and ushered in concerns about whether it was safe to have cars that powerful. One of three companies under one banner who routinely try new things, different things, often unusual and crazy ideas that don’t always work out.

The Kasivah Vilmarin is one of those more tame ideas.

Named for our word for a ship’s captain, the Vilmarin is no ordinary 5 seat wagon. You get a gated 5 speed manual transmission, hydraulic-assisted rack-and-pinion steering, and a 4.3 liter V6 derived from the same 5.9L V6 block we’ve been using for a while. While our “base model” is tame, we also offer the Vyrada 6 package, which pushes the power into the four-digit range… We’ve been “politely asked” to sell only 50 of those cars here in Letara. But we were never told to keep the parts to ourselves - They’ll be available in the aftermarket so you can bore the block out to 5.9 liters, put a stronger bottom end in it, and bolt a pair of snails up to the engine.

Of course, even though it has the soul of a sports car, it’s still a station wagon. You still have plenty of cargo space, the rear seat can fold flat if needed for even more space, and we gave you a roof rack so you can put even more stuff up there. If that’s not enough for you, check the box for the Towing Package and you’ll be able to haul trailers with this wagon.

And because it has the soul of a sports car, when you’re on your own, you can enjoy a sub-6-second 0-100 km/h time, bomb the quarter mile in under 14 seconds, exceed 1g in the skid-pad, or do a standing kilometer in under 25 seconds.

Or, if you’re just feeling crazy enough… Do a standing kilometer with yourself, your wife, three kids, and the family dog onboard.

1990 AMCW Trail-Hunter

“I know the perfect spot, it’s just up there.”

And with the Trail-Hunter, getting “there” is easy. Full time AWD with limited slip differentials means you’re always trying to put power on the ground. The venerable 2.3 liter AMCW Linear-5 makes plenty of power for crawling over small obstacles, climbing hills, and wandering down the road less often traveled.

Of course, it’s not a full off-roader like some of our competitors - We use independent suspension and limited slip differentials, they use solid axles and locking diffs. But while they ride harsher on the road and have to set up to tackle the tricky stuff, you cruise on the roads peacefully, except when you decide to take that dirt-road shortcut. Then, our AWD system does what it does best - puts the power down through all four tires.

How much power? A bit over 135 horsepower. More than enough for a casual 9 seconds to 100 km/h, still powerful enough to tow trailers (with the optional towing package), and more than powerful enough to crawl out of just about any hole you could reasonably drive into.

It’s not the most comfortable car, certainly far from the fastest, and it won’t win any awards for its looks, but if you need something that’s equally comfortable on the beach as it is on the street, the AMCW Trail-Hunter isn’t a bad choice.


To the citizens of Letara, we from Wells Automotive would like to offer you…

The 1995 Lucida.

It’s a car for everyone.

No matter who you are, there’s a model for you.

The entry level Lucida is a lot of car to start with. It’s roomy, comfortable, and with a 156hp on tap it has ample power. Perfect for those that want decent and reliable transportation. So reliable in fact, these would probably see lots of duty as taxi cabs and fleet cars.

For those concerned with looks and status, look no further than the Lucida SL. Here we introduce pearlescent paints, upscale premium interiors, a nice power bump to 175 from the rwd 3.8L V6 powertrain, 17in wheels, and a phantom top as an option amongst others

Now, for those looking for some …excitement. We have for you the Lucida SSL. No V6 here, that’s out. In its place is a 346hp 5.7L V8. It’s no fuel sipper, but thats not the purpose behind it either. You’ll also get a firmer tuned suspension, bigger brakes, and a 2-tone leather interior.

The Lucida, there’s one for everyone.



To the Letaraian Transportation Show!

Every year the Lerance Convention Centre welcomes manufactors all around the world to showcase their current stock, new arivials and the cars of the future! There is also a wide programm for visitors with exclusive shows, hands-on experiences with cars you might not see everyday and get up close with your favorite manufactorer!

So why not come over and have a day full of innovation!


Do the same taxes applicable to the road car also apply to the race car?

Just like in all other rounds, taxes only apply to consumer cars, hence the title “taxes for consumer vehicles”.

So the price of the race car is essentially pre-tax, then? I’m assuming it is - for now.

In the meantime, I have a test mule for the consumer and race car categories of this round.

So if I’m reading correctly, will a loudness of “50.0” exactly not be taxed?

I’m assuming that is the case.

Meanwhile, I’ve created a second test mule for the consumer and race categories, in case the first one proves unviable - it also leaves open the possibility of taking a third option and submitting a version of one of these mules for the consumer class, while entering a variant of the other mule in the racing class. I would still prefer to submit two different trims of the same model (one in each category), though.

@cake_ape I’m doing this under the assumption that the race car does not have to be a trim based on whatever model was submitted in the consumer car category.

I’m not sure how to be any clearer that taxes do not apply to race cars and the government car - i.e., there is no ‘pre-tax’ price, as there is no tax at all. You just look at the car cost in the trim tab.

Yes, noise taxes kick in above the stated values. So 50.0 is not above 50; 50.1 is.

The race and government cars can be completely different models and separate from any consumer cars you submit. Only the consumer car trims need to be on the same base model.

Capable Motors Co.! The new 1985 Capable Troweler line! 3 new city vehicles that will improve your life!
Featuring a 1 liter engine and a 188 cm wheelbase, these new Capable vehicles will be able to maneuver in the dense city environment without a problem. All come equipped with a cassette player!

The Troweler truck comes equipped with all-terrain ties, a skid tray, and a manual locking differential. Works in the city, town, or farm!

The Troweler van can transport any item in the city!.

The Troweler wagon is perfect for a family, with eight seats, or for your company needs, can transport workers to different job sites with ease! A whopping 47 mpg!

Everywhere you go, a Capable is capable.

The tale of Vizzuri 1985-1995.

Following on from 1984, the semi-successful Vizzuri campaigns to Letara's growth and development:

2 into supporting and maintaining Lerance Raceway track
2 into supporting aerodynamics in higher education
1 into supporting materials science in higher education

Total: 5

Lobby for 24hr/Endurance racing at Lerance Raceway as main event (11)
Super Roadcar Class '85 onward:
Runs on Lerance raceway full course
Must meet road-legal status
Minimum of two full seats allowed
All ethanol fuels allowed, as well as Ultimate 100RON fuel allowed
Minimum safety of 35
Minimum comfort of 20
Enclosed bodywork (Does not require a roof)
N/A maximum displacement is 7,000cc, Turbocharged maximum displacement is 3,000cc (Or similar rule for fairness)
Slick radial tyres only
Maximum SVC of 3,000

Implement emissions standards by mandatory catalytic converters (5)

Vizzuri continued to maintain the Letaran factory, providing the jobs and retaining good company image.

Into the 1990s, Vizzuri updated the Laonda to their 5th generation, as well as expanded into creating MPVs globally with the Vizzuri MV (Mobility Vehicle). However, Vizzuri decided against entering the GT-Endurance, leaving a gap in it’s Leteran racing history for the very first time.

Vizzuri Laonda Special '93

Shown in Azure Scuro with Argento Acciaio Edizione Dell'Anniversario two-tone

In 1993 the fourth generation Laonda was released, with the long awaited return of the Vantaggio, as well as the Cabriolet Special’s return a year later.

Continuing tradition, the Laonda Special has the same 4.7L V8 now with just over 400hp (405hp), able to get to 62mph in 5.0s (Automatic) and a blistering 201mph top speed (Electronically limited to 170mph), with grip being 0.98g low speed and 0.96 high speed.

The smooth and sleekness of the third generation was carried onto fourth, with a new aerodynamic shape and extra cabin space with a sloping roofline along the rear, pop-up headlights were removed to further help aerodynamics. The Laonda Special was offered with a 5-gear electronic automatic or 5-gear manual transmission running through a new AWD Viscous system, with a premium interior and premium cassette system as well as variable hydraulic steering paired with adaptive air suspension and advanced 90s safety equipment standard.

Daytime running lights and fog lights were fixed to the design as standard rather than being add-ons. Though many premium accessories were added: All-around wind-reflectors (front and rear side windows & sunroof), headlight washer system, body-coloured mudflaps, front and rear parking sensors, Letaran flag plates, and an extended sunroof for the front and rear passengers to enjoy.

Vizzuri Laonda Vantaggio '93

Shown in Bianco with El Dorado Oro with black bed tonneau roll-up cover

Making a comeback, the new Vantaggio was a utility premium vehicle, with the roaring Vizzuri V8 and now all-wheel-drive system paired to all-terrain tyres, it is able to haul great on any road surface while still being speedy and comfortable.

It also includes an offroad manual locking differential front & rear, and a detachable tonneau soft cover that is easily storable behind the seats if not in use.

Vizzuri Laonda Cabriolet Special '94

Shown in Crema di Caffe with El Dorado Oro Leggera two-tone and dark beige roof

A year later the Laonda Cabriolet Special released, with newly developed active suspension system, Electronic Stability Control, and cooling flaps as well as fresh new wheels and a bootlid spoiler.

Vizzuri MV (Mobility Vehicle) Lerance Mobility ver. '93

Shown in Bianco Edizione Dell'Anniversario w/ Azure Scuro fade stripes accompanied by Lerance Mobility livery

Letara needed a new mobility impaired transportation to aid the mobility impaired citizens to be able to go anywhere as busses did not travel to any location, and so Vizzuri was up to the task, with their new MV model.

The Vizzuri MV (Mobility Vehicle) came in basic trims with FF or 4x4, and 5-gear manual or CVT transmissions.

It uses a sensible 2.5L I4 engine with 110hp that delivers smooth and adequate power enabling a 0-62mph time of 11.9s and top speed of 130mph (electronically limited to 100mph). This powertrain enabled a reasonable 35.9mpg for the vehicle.

On the inside it has a full premium interior & entertainment system providing great comfort to all 8 seats, with the second-row of seats being foldable to allow one or two wheelchair users aboard from the spacious sliding rear doors. The sliding & foldable ramps tuck neatly inside the second row, and are easily deployed on both sides of the car. Additionally the MV has active suspension, with a controller for the driver that can adjust the suspension height for kerbs or any sort of exit height required.

On the exterior, the flashy white & dark blue livery with “Lerance Mobility” decals and orange emergency light are present, as well as a handy reverse parking mirror for clearance checking. The vehicle is also fitted with roof racks and a 5-beam mount for it.

Vizzuri did debate presenting a 4x4 5-gear manual MV to the Letaran government, though decided that the more basic FWD CVT model will be more appealing.



The test mule I entered recorded a lap time of 6:10.28 - fast enough to qualify. How can I make this any faster? I think shortening the gear ratios might help in this regard, as could switching to semi-slick tires - but are we allowed to use those for our consumer and/or race car submissions?

One more reminder re DMs:

For new participants - please read the OP on how to register your company and how to set up the DM thread with me, including the naming convention for the thread (i.e., name it “LHC - <username>”. Thereafter keep all communications regarding LHC to me in that single DM thread.

Returning participants - please use our existing DM thread that has all of our previous communications re LHC. That way I can immediately see the who, and the what is also all packaged neatly into a single thread and I don’t have to wade through a thousand “Re: [LHC] - l…” named messages to find what I need.

These points have been made many times, so from now on I will ignore all messages not properly formatted or not in the correct DM thread. This is frankly to preserve my own sanity and precious time that I can use for more important things than weeding through my inbox hunting for that one message. And leaves less room for error that your car gets forgotten.

Thanks for your cooperation - Cake.


After adapting my race car test mule for semi-slick tires, I managed to record a lap time of 6:04.22 - just over 6 seconds faster. I’m testing it under the assumption that semi-slicks are allowed - if not, I’ll go back to regular sports compound tires.

The rules say cars must be road-legal unless otherwise specified. Downforce limits are raised, but I see no mention of tires and thus conclude they must be road-legal and not semi-slicks.

semi slicks are considered race components (per round 2’s ruleset) so yes, they are banned for racing. they are road legal in many parts of the US, as they are not true slick tires, so the confusion is understandable

Do round 2’s rules necessarily apply to round 5? I was just trying to verify what I’d written, looked back to the OP, and the round 5 rules, and failed to find any mention of slicks either way.

I hope for cake_ape to weigh in on this officially.