Limited time demo?

Maybe there should be a limited time demo, the current demo is just sh*t. You cant decide if you like the game or not. The limited demo should be around 30 minutes and doesnt save.
This solves people not buying it because they doubt the game is good and the "test crackers’’.

The whole point of a demo is to give you a taste. I think the current demo does exactly that.

Wouldn’t a limited time demo give customers less of a taste? Right now, you have all the time in the world to decide whether you like the game or not.


Fixed that for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this guy is referring to getting a 30 minute demo of the whole game, with the tycoon part and all. In which case there’s a news flash; the devs havent even started yet on the tycoon part of the game.

Ohhh now I see, in this case, I think it would be good to have a 30 minute demo of the full version, then an unlimited time for the current demo version. Or maybe 30 minutes is a bit too short?

Not that it matters to those who have already bought the game, but personally I never liked time limited demos in terms of x mins of play time.
Interruptions may mean the player doesn’t get the full quota, etc, plus it doesn’t give the game enough time to hook you.
I quite like the current arrangement of limited content, but unlimited sandbox time. Eventually you will outplay your options and you’ll have to buy the game to get more.
Perhaps when the tycoon part is complete the demo will only allow you to play say 12 months game time in an enticing period, but you can take as “long as you like” to play it

If you enjoy building I4s and hatchbacks, you’ll probably enjoy building V8 muscle cars etc. If you enjoy some of the existing scenarios you’ll probably enjoy the other ones.

If you don’t enjoy any of the gameplay in the demo, you’re unlikely to like what’s in the game currently, as it’s just a bunch more content for the same sort of gameplay.

Sorry if you find that shit.

Instead of a 30 minute limit, what about letting them play from 1946 campaign, when the game originally starts, and play for 10 years only? So 1946-1956 with the tech, bodies and engines available at that point? This gives you a good idea of how the game starts, but because of the game ending in 1956 already, you never get to ‘the good part’ where you research a lot of stuff, become a very big company with millions of profit and design really cool cars with turbo’s and all that.

My experience with time limited tycoon games is that they make you play them over and over again until you get bored of the starting period, which significantly lowers the desire to replay the game after a first full playthrough of the full version. All the game mechanics already being in the time limited version also means that you already have experienced most of the progression that makes a tycoon game fun.

So, personally, I’m not in favor of a time-limited approach to a tycoon demo.