Limits on the use of the cars we create in Automation

Hello everyone,
I apologize if this isn’t the right category, I’m new here.

I was wondering if I’m allowed to use the cars I make in Automation anywhere. From personal projects to even commercially (eg an animation in a video game displaying cars I made in Automation).

I didn’t mean to ask a legal question, but I tried looking for the terms in the official website, the Steam page, and other topics in this forum, to no avail. So I would be very thankful if you could redirect me to an official site with the terms of use of the game.

There are endless possibilities of different vehicles, also not just cars, and all of them just look so good I’d like to create content with them.

Thank you!


Im sure someone will answer it here, but the Discord server is much more active than this and you may get an answer much quicker.

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Well GPI, you really need to be precise in what exactly you want to do.

Interestingly enough, i feel your question is similar to something i read up somewhere else on forums.
Feel free to check out this thread:

As i feel information in it is still relevant

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The exporter has a EULA for this reason.

At the time of writing (Make sure to check in game if its updated):


Thank you everyone so much for your replies, you have helped me so much.

Thanks, it was very helpful. I am very sorry, I had spent a good 20 or 30 minutes looking for similar questions but failed. I’m dumb.

That Elua only mentions Beanmg, so I assume it is not allowed to use it elsewhere.

I will just keep learning Blender for my projects, while still designing some cool cars with Automation just for fun.

Thank you all. Have a nice day!

If you look up BY-NC-SA you should be able to modify the cars and their data, you just can’t use the sounds outside of BeamNG because of the specific clause in the EULA. So you can use your cars in renders provided you’re not profiting of them, or using their sounds.