Lite Campaign 4.2 Advanced Paint Mode color revision

The Advanced Paint Mode in Lite Campaign 4.2 now supports hex code, as I’m a color enthusiast, I found out that both Hue, Saturation and Value (HSV) and Red, Green Blue (RGB) values are different from real-life colors, so I have a suggestion.

Here is an example of Sizzling Sunrise Metallic (0.66 Flake or more accurately 66% Flake) (Hex: #FFDB00), where both HSV and RGB values are different from real-life (see below).

This is an example of Sizzling Sunrise from in real life, where it has 51.5 Hue, 100% Saturation and 100% Brightness/Value in HSV mode and 255 Red, 219 Green and 0 Blue in RGB mode, but 43 Hue, 1.000 Saturation and 1.000 Brightness/Value in HSV mode and 1.00 Red, 0.708 Green and 0 Blue in RGB mode in the game.

Light Electric Blue (not shown here, Hex: #7DF8FF) has 183 Hue, 51% Saturation in 100% Brightness/Value (HSV) or 125 Red, 248 Green and 255 Blue (RGB) in real life, but 185 Hue, 0.795 Saturation and 1.000 Brightness/Value (HSV) or 0.205 Red, 0.939 Green and 1.000 Blue (RGB) in the game.

So I think it needs to be revised, such as more accurate real-life Hue (such as 30 for Orange, 90 for Chartreuse, 150 for Spring Green, 210 for Azure or 270 for Violet rather than 13, 107, 133, 227 or 253 in the game), 0 to 100% for Saturation and Value in HSV mode and 0 to 255 in RGB mode, but still have a decimal support like current version.

Edit: Added several colors I have tested in game, such as Chartreuse, Spring Green and Violet.

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Cool, I noticed too that the game doesn’t have a full range of colors.

As someone who is color-blind, I actually am glad others are bringing this kind of thing up.

Honestly, I was just glad that the Hex Code was added. Makes it easier for me to get some sort of color that I know others will see as red, green, yellow, orange, or brown (the range I have issues with, being green-weak) while also letting me make my cars in a wider range of colors instead of three or four different shades of blue, one white, one black, one silver, one dark red, and one bright green.

If it could become more color-accurate on top of that, that’s even better. For me, this was already a huge step in the right direction.