Lite Campaign Origin suggestions

Starting the light campaign has always been the hardest part of the game for me. I like how you can select exactly how you start with the factory sizes and starting tech but I think an easier way to start the game would be preset “origins” that describe what your company was before your game starts. For example you could choose an “established large manufacturer” origin that gives you some good tech but also starts you with generated engine and car trims already in production so you can take the reigns. Another start would be maybe a military vehicle producer that (since the war is over) has decided to make a civilian model, so you start with the jeep style body and an engine already in your designs that would have to be tailored to civilian use. I think it would add some flavour to the start of the game and while I am not a programmer, the game can already generate cars for you, this might be an interesting play style for the RP players. This could tie in with the difficulty too.


It seems like some VERY HIGH level of patience when programming, but it’s a great idea

That sounds like a campaign “scenario” more than a starting option :slight_smile: campaign scenarios are something we’d like to implement at some point, yes!