Lite campaign suggestions


Playing over 20h of lite campaign i have few suggestions which would in my opinion improve current experience.

@1. Let us make new trim copy of existing and producing car, just so we can slap improvments in it. It would make so much easier to make improved versions of same model. Currently its impossible because you can only go forward, cant go back to specific parts of designer to fine tune after going to last tab. screenshot to better explain:

Whole designer is under 1 bar and its impossible to fine tune it, because if you for example finish with brakes, you just cant go back due to only that bar being visible and only right arrow work.

@2. Same thing with engines. Currently it is possible to make new variant within same family, but only if you create new variant, cant just copy existing one. It is very annoying to do so and not very efficient. Another problem is that doing so your new variant is not affected by tech pool, so you dont have those sweet improvments to tech(trim is probably also affected by it). No need for screenshot.

@3. Please, if it possible, add button in engine production tab, so we can easily set ideal amount of engines for trims we produce to not overproduce. Currently even if i set less engines than models, it still overproduce. Not really that annoying, but its hard to make correctctions to do it right, while not real need for quick fix it would be cool to get it. Screenshot to describe what i mean.

setting engines to 45.7 stopped overproducing, step higher, it was 46.4 i think made like 30 engines overproduce monthly.

Something like this, so clicking on it(match with model on screenshot) would match engines production to model production.

@4. When choosing factory, you can only see engine family name - please add variant name and which model uses it there too, so with few variants of same engine family we will be able to know what production will replace what. :stuck_out_tongue: Already went bankrupt when picked wrong factory to do so, stopping production in most profitable factory. ;s

As before, screenshot to better understand what i have in mind:

It would help with changing production if you models use same engine. As you can see on screenshot, 2 models use same variant, but with current ui you cant see it which makes it really easy to break production by accident.

Thanks for awesome update, apart from cpu usage problem, i love it!



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Seeing as this is the “light campaign” in Beta, most of these are things that, to the best of my knowledge, will be implemented in the full campaign… maybe even in “light campaign” for the next release. With the number of engines produced, with the full campaign, I believe, we will be able to share engines across multiple bodies, that way there won’t be any leftover engines. I like suggestion #4, because I did the same thing, but for now, the best temporary solution is to make note of what engine is being used before you click “New Car”.

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