Longitudinal FWD

I think it could be done simply, use the same transmission as longitudinal AWD. Then use the FWD rear suspension and not run the driveshaft. It would allow longitudinal platforms to be a bit more diverse with drive-train options. Plus, how else will I make a simply awful FWD version of my Subaru clone.

VAG group uses the same setup

Audi does that forever…

Renault did in 25, no idea on other models


This will come eventually. Not high priority though.

And you get such nice weight distribution, 65-70%+ on the front. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (Especially when the v-10s arrive in the game. Mmmmmm front mounted Dodge truck engine.(cast iron)). :wink:

[quote=“xABSOLUTIONx”]VAG group uses the same setup

Audi does that forever…

Renault did in 25, **no idea **on other models

HAS TO BE IN THE GAME <3[/quote]

NO IDEA? :laughing:
The french was obsessed with longitudinal FWD :wink:
Renault 4CV
Renault 4
Renault 5
Renault 6
Renault 12
Renault 15
Renault 16
Citroen 2CV
Citroen Dyane
Citroen GS
Citroen DS / ID
Citroen Traction Avant
and so on…

My first question is why would you do this?
What advantage does it give over traditional RWD/longitudinal and FWD/transverse

[quote=“maffc”]My first question is why would you do this?
What advantage does it give over traditional RWD/longitudinal and FWD/transverse[/quote]

The answer about the game is “Why not?” (I mean why don’t the devs want to add the Longitudinal FWD if some guys demonstrated that it is more common than they imagined?)

In the “real life”, by my very poor car/engine/motor knowledge, Longitudinal FWD is used because it is easier to convert it to a 4WD or viceversa with a 4WD longitudinal you can “transform” it in a FWD longitudinal, depends on the gearbox and the transmission.

And you can mount bigger engines and still have FWD.

It is also a little more expensive than the transverse FWD, technically simpler (the transverse FWD wasn’t common/easy/cheap until the Dante Giacosa system mounted on the Fiat 128) and do not have the torque steering problem classical of the transverse FWD due the different length of the semi-axles.

Cheers guys, until now I always thought it was RWD/long vs FWD Trans

All this posting and no Saabs??? You guys are slipping…

Saab 99 engine/drivetrains:

The transmission housing is actually the oil pan as well.

Benefits of this design?.. Well, I imagine that you could fit larger engines as opposed to a transverse FWD. Also has the advantage of equal length drive shafts, something my modern 9-3 is sorely lacking, so it would have no problems with torque steer. I imagine there would be some slight benefits to weight distribution as well considering more of the engine will be behind the front axle, although the centre of gravity might be a bit higher with this configuration…

Longitudinal Boxer 4 is sounding like an interesting idea about now :sunglasses:

If this were to be lmplemented in Automation it would be nice to be able to slant the inline engines as they did in the Saabs… or perhaps slanted by default for Inline engines as the engine would likely be too high to clear the hood…

Longditudinal FWD is coming. It’s pretty easy because it’s just the same as AWD but without the transfer case/rear diff.

This setup is for equilibrate the side weights, and was used for a non-smaller gearboxes.

Interesting sidenotes.
The Ferrari Testarossa had a nearly identical setup as the SAAB 99/900, but with 8 more cylinders. :slight_smile:

And the gearbox from some Longitudinal FWD Audi diesel is used in the Porsche Boxter/Cayman.

Audi has announced they are developing a 10 speed DSG longitudinal FWD gearbox. Time to add an extra gear to the list?

The best: put 15 gears to prevent future updates.

10 speed!?! Geeze, why not go the whole hog and use CVT

They already have that. But cannot deal with high torque, maximum 400 Nm.

The new 10 speed DSG is rated for 500 Nm.

GM had long. FWD in the 70s, maybe even the late 60s, I forget - Cadillac Eldorado, Olds Toronado… maybe Buick did it for a while with the Riv, but I don’t remember…

I think all the old, old Cords used a long. placement for all their front drive cars as well, but I can’t be sure without looking it up.

The Cord used a different layout; Differential first, then gearbox, then clutch and last engine. Straight 8. The bonnet/hood is VERY long.
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