Main Bearing Caps

Hello all, new to the game and the forum. Sorry if this is a double post but I didn’t find it using the search.

I would like to suggest the ability to change the main bearing caps. I work in the industry, more specifically I work with the critical castings such as blocks and heads. Also I work with bedplates otherwise known as a main bearing cap

For those that are not familiar with engines…
I have seen two styles of main bearing cap. One has an extra “skirt” on the bottom of the engine that runs below the bulkheads, then there is a cast iron (I’m sure material can vary depending on price/quality/application) main bearing cap on each bulkhead to complete the crank bore. Each cap is a separate piece which is usually bolted from the bottom into the block’s bulkheads and on the side through the blocks “skirt”. The other style has the bulkheads right at the bottom of the engine (no skirt) and instead of separate cast iron caps for each bore, the “caps” are one piece casting, generally aluminium these days. I have seen bedplates that are fully aluminium and others that have cast iron inserts for the crank bore. Googling bedplate will bring up a nice pic of a BMW Inline6 model with iron inserts.

This is where the experts can chime in. I heard that the bedplate style offers some advantages such as max torque, lifespan and weight and size. Max torque would increase and weight would decrease for cast iron inserts.

This is where everyone else can chime in. If the experts agree that the use of different main bearings can change the dynamics of the engine then perhaps it could be a good addition.

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I think its a bit indepth to be added tbh (aside from the fact the engine designer is complete) and I would have assumed it could be said that bearings varied by the crank you choose (even if they don’t it could be said they do to make your argument valid hehe).

Its another thing that could be added to the mod community mod list though I’m sure

(We really should start writing a list!)

Bearing Caps?


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