[MAIN QUEST AUTOBEAM] The Magazine (2015 Starter Cars)

2015 Mara Paragon 2.3 SE44 by N7 Hangar

Base car lore (if anyone cares)

Tuning company N7 Hangar took the base Paragon and improved a number of things for touge style events.

Bonus points if you can find all exterior design easter eggs (that go with the name).



M. Spielh approves. Who knows knows.

Looks like i forgot to specify that this challenge is on 4.2, i’ll do it for both currently running challenges

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I’m going to be honest, I don’t really have an inspiration for an ad so I’m just going to show random photos with some buzzwords thrown around.

Wow, look at how :sparkles: vogue :sparkles: this car is. Just look at the :sparkles: organic :sparkles: beauty of this car.

This car is so :sparkles: chic :sparkles: and :sparkles: modern :sparkles:

These photos of the interior are just so :sparkles: twenty-first century :sparkles: and… you get the point

It’s an okay hatchback. It’s kind of fast, but pretty much just a regular hatchback.
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Ok, you guys really like this body dont ya lmao. Not my style of styling, but its good

So if my car has 2.5 wb and turbo in it, max I can use is a 2.0L engine?


Yes, exactly


Ah, the joys of getting a new car.

You walk in with excitement. “I’m getting a V8 with a supercharger in some cool two-door coupe, and I’m going to go fast!”

That quickly turns to dread as you realize that most of the cars you can afford come with V6 engines, 4 cylinders, or worse, the dreaded three cylinder engine. Sure, some have turbos, but… You know you’re going to get laughed at if you show up at the track with a 1.0L I3 with the world’s cutest tiny turbo on it.

You want something sporty.

Now, we can already hear the groans from here. “It’s cute, not sporty.”

What if we told you that it’s not an inline engine?

That it’s turbocharged?

And that you have more cylinders than some supercars have?

This is the Kasivah Vyrada GT16. In the maker’s native language, Vyrada means “Violent Wind” or, more loosely, “Storm.” With a transverse mounted 1.5 liter turbocharged V16, this little spicy thunderbolt will surprise the competition.


Practicality 10

Have you ever wanted less park problems? Do you regularly think you need a faster vehicle because you always get late to work? Well, fear not anymore. Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly present you the Sanzou Koi RS. With its very capable naturally aspirated 4 cylinder we made with the newest technology on the market (which we pioneer) making 201 HP and 203Nm Torque, you will almost feel flying while riding Koi RS. With it’s small dimensions, it can almost fit anywhere! Get yourself one for only 30.000$.

More Photos

P.S: I really wanted to make an interior for it but it’s 4 AM here and I am really tired :slight_smile:


The 2015 Otari Tempest GTH


Last day to enter. Don’t worry, I’ll allow you to enter after the time if you already had a car in the works or done. Remember that if you want to update your car, do do it before the time!


Everyone’s car i have received so far is legal! If you still want to enter please enter!

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Entries closed! Stream should be later today. Its gonna be fun!

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Ok, this should be the lineup for the challenge! If im missing anything, please tell me! (Soviet Russia got unlucky, so the file still has to be sent)

EDIT: Forgot 2 cars

We are live! Twitch

Well that was the first round! I don’t currently have the results, so I’ll post them + possibly a magazine cover when i get them.


I hope it shows up fine enough! Brad did hirochi last night, so round 2 is also in this edition of the magazine! Sadly 2nd best motoring is so bad at what they do that they only gave us the front cover and results.
Brad said that round 3 and 4 will be on Tuesday and Thursday this week at around the same as the Round 2 stream. I probably wont be awake to announce them, so keep an eye out!


Looks like the challenge should be over! I’ll post the results when i get them, and another magazine cover of course!


Sorry for the wait, been busy!
Congrats to DoubleTrouble for winning, Retro on 2nd and Johann on 3rd!

Thanks to everyone for competing! You guys mean a lot to me.
Dew runners will for now be the last brad challenge, so if you want to give brad a sendoff go enter!
I will make a post about what happens after.

Good luck, hope you had fun!
Full excel in the discord.

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