[MAIN QUEST AUTOBEAM] The Magazine (2015 Starter Cars)

Its 2015. Japan. You NEEEEEED a car to get around (forget about the public transit, or prices of cars, the government is bees!), so you ask your father for 30k… Don’t worry all money is the same in the automation universe.
Before this, you saw a poster somewhere, saying that you, yes YOU could enter in a few races for the famous motoring magazine 2nd Best Motoring. They of course have some regulations for this competition. They want a car that most people could or would buy as a first car, but is still sporty, aka a Starter Car. (Rules of course will be later)

You go to your local GT BIKE dealer, its the wrong dealer.

You go to your local GT AUTO dealer, its the right dealer.

You make your choice. You believe its the right one, but is it really the best one by the best brand?
This will have gone through all of your minds if you plan on entering or have entered into this challenge.

Welcome to the Starter Cars challenge! In this challenge you will be making cheap sporty cars.
Thank you for waiting on this one, we’ve put a lot of effort into Brad’s (most likely) last automation challenge. He came up with the idea, just like the Moonshining challenge.

Special thanks to the organizers Hyperboloid, Retro, Johann and DoubleTrouble!

Before we get to the rules, lets go for some inspirations.


Lets start simple and obvious. The Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT86. Nice and simple.

What about the Mazda Miata (or Fiat 124)? Another obvious one, but if this were 10 years ago it would still be first.

What about a hatch? Everyone loves hatches! I hope. A good one is the Ford Focus ST.

Or something for the family if you want to bring your dog AND girlfriend (wow you’re greedy). The Mitsubishi Evo X is good i’ve heard.

Or if you are crazy, stupid and hate me you get a Nissan Juke Nismo (not the one with the GTR engine)!

Ok, that’s enough. If i look at that wretched car once more i will die. Lets get to the rules.


RULE 1: The car must be from 2015 (You can make it older visually)
RULE 2: Your budget is 30,000. To stop you from messing around too much, you can only go from -2 to +2 quality.
RULE 3: Your car must be 2WD AKA, your car must be either FWD or RWD.
RULE 4: Your car must use regular unleaded fuel (91 RON).
RULE 5: 1 liter of displacement is allowed per meter of wheelbase. If you are using a turbo, you are allowed to use that amount -0.5 liter.
RULE 6: Your car must be road legal/fit (TC + ABS, no race parts, under 40 noise, 3 way catalytic converter, standard 10s safety with 0 quality).
RULE 7: Your car must have either Medium, Hard tires or Utility.
RULE 8: Your car must have Standard Interior or better and Standard Infotainment or better.
RULE 9: Your car must have 2+2 seats or more (So 2 at least 2 seats and 2 small seats).
RULE 10: Your transmission must have 5 or more gears.
RULE 11: Your Drivability + Comfort + Reliability must be at least 150. (Or at least something close, I’ll overlook it if you are only slightly under.)
RULE 12: You must have at least 29.4 US MPG (8L/100KM).
RULE 13: No Advanced Trim except engine placement and transmission tunnel.


Ok, that’s it. Lets get to the suggestions.


We will most likely be driving on Japanese tracks or roads, which usually means low to medium speed. I suggest that you focus on that.

One of the most important things for this challenge will be to go for something unique. A lot of modern cars look too similar, and we don’t want that to happen here. If you cant come up with something that’s particularly unique, go for something based on something old.

Visual modifications are allowed. Just don’t go too extreme. Make the cars recognizable, and don’t make it seem like it couldn’t come out the factory out like that as a special edition.

The occasional meme car is allowed, even encouraged!

Also, i usually allow exceptions to rules, so if there is something you REALLY want to do tell me.


The deadline for this challenge is the 27th of august, so you dont have much time.
We don’t currently know when round 2 and 3 will happen, but round 1 should happen on the 28th of August around 2 pm PST.

This challenge will be streamed on the bradleegarage twitch. Twitch

Remember to suggest anything such as rule changes early! I don’t usually do them after the first entries.

bradleegarage Twitch link: Twitch
bradleegarage Discord: Brad Lee Garage

Also, I’d like to say that I’ve almost completely recovered from my pain. Just wanted to say that for the people who hadn’t heard!
Special thanks to everyone again, and lets make this a blast for Brad! For the garage!

And remember my forgotten rule. Have fun! And watch out for the Moonshiners, it should come out next tomorrow.

EDIT: 4.2 (Open beta/alpha) IS REQUIRED!


Oh yeah, i’ll probably make some nice pictures and such of the fastest cars after every track for another edition of the magazine. Of course, i’ll try to be here to respond!

Can I use Advanced '10s if I want

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Hmm… 2015 is a design era I’ve never worked in before because it’s a bit too new for me.

Granted, I’m thinking I might just meme this one up and go for one that comes straight out of the factory, sure… Just normally it’d be 1:64 scale.

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Yeah, go ahead.

Well… Crap. I wanted to be that guy who went tiny turbo V16, but I’m ending up at $42,700. Now, granted, I could probably get some costs down with -2 quality everywhere, but… I guess I’ll have to settle for being ‘normal’.

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You’ll probably get a better chance of that in the moonshining challenge, so i’d save that for that lmao

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Well, it won’t be a good car, but I managed to make it legal. Plus, it was sort of interesting to see which quality sliders really are worth using, and which ones don’t provide a benefit at all.


Ah, not every car has to be good. Just dont put up your expectations


Given the era in which this quest is set, the use of a three-way catalytic converter of any kind should be mandatory.


Good point. I’ll put that in
EDIT: Did it


The dew shining challenge! Go check it out, it’ll be running next to this one

Hows it going with everyones cars?

Slowly, but 2015 styling is out of my comfort zone. But it’s likely to be a nice little bundle of chaos.


Hey there,

I found I was able to squeak by on the “150” marker, with some tweaks.

This is my submission. It’s NOT a Porsche

It’s got a 2.4L Flat 4, and drives pretty darn good on Beam as far as I can tell. I know BradLee likes to drive interior-view, so I’ll work on an interior and repost the file if I can get it out in time.

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Now I have to ask, if your wheelbase is 2.4m - can you use a 2 litre engine (1 litre per full metre) or a 2.4 litre (fractions of a metre count)?

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Fractions count. Also, @Lanson love the car!

2015 Mara Paragon 2.3 SE44 by N7 Hangar

Base car lore (if anyone cares)

Tuning company N7 Hangar took the base Paragon and improved a number of things for touge style events.

Bonus points if you can find all exterior design easter eggs (that go with the name).



M. Spielh approves. Who knows knows.

Looks like i forgot to specify that this challenge is on 4.2, i’ll do it for both currently running challenges

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