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Leaky Roof Challenge

It's 1992. Richard needs a car as he has just moved to America, land of the free. (INSERT EAGLE NOISES)
Richard has always wanted a Ferrari. Well not like he'll ever own one, so he wants something decent enough that will get all the girls over him.
He comes to the decision that he needs himself a convertible. Because convertible cool.
He was originally going to buy a Miata, but he does not like Mazda because of... Well i don't know he just doesn't like them for some reason. Something about "everyone seems to have one".
Richard goes to his local GT Auto dealer where there always seems to be a coincidental arrival of cars specifically for what the person wants, and decides to give every car a test drive before he buys one. He will test all cars before he buys them, since he cares about performance above anything else. So which one will he choose?
Welcome to the Leaky Roof Challenge!
You will be making convertibles for 16000 bucks, a bit more than a Miata at the time. So you can say, "premium" convertibles.
Well, not really. Richard calls them premium but its actually closer to a Toyota Camry.
Convertibles are not often used for challenges due to their higher cost, lower comfort, worse performance etc. So we wanted to try it.
Essentially, just build a convertible for the road and for the track. But of course, if you want to be fast you have to think closely of your choices, as usual.

Anyways, i don't have much to say, lets get to the rules. Inspirations are placed at the bottom of the post!

Rule 1: The year of all parts of the car must be 1992.

Rule 2: The techpool must be kept at default, aka +5 everywhere.

Rule 3: The car must be a convertible. (Soft top or hard top)

Rule 4: Open-Wheelers are banned, unless you do it in a 3d fixture way, or some other way. The F1 bodies for example, are not allowed.

Rule 5: The maximum price is 16000.
To stop you from screwing around with quality too much, the minimum is -2 and maximum is +2.

Rule 6: No racing parts, aka parts with Race in the name. (This includes semi-slicks!)

Rule 7: Internal stress can't be over 5% (Piston, crank, conrod).

Rule 8: The engine must have a catalytic converter and at least 1 muffler that either is Reverse Flow or Baffled.

Rule 9: If you use a turbo, the maximum boost is 8.0 PSI.

Rule 10: The engine must use 95 RON fuel. (Premium Unleaded)

Rule 11: The ignition timing must be set to 0.0. It is screwy and I don't like it.

Rule 12: The car must have at least Standard 90s safety.

Rule 13: The car must have a minimum comfort of 15.

Rule 14: The car must have at least 2 full seats.

Rule 15: Advanced trim settings are banned, besides Engine Position, Chassis Tunnel Size and the visibility settings.

Rule 16: The naming scheme for the model of the car is first the letters LRC, then your username. (LRC - Djadania)
Anything after this is allowed, just make sure to put LRC and your username in the front! I will do it for you otherwise. So for example: LRC - Djadania - Mazda Miata. Put your car name in the trim name, if possible.

If you want some specific exception to a rule, tell me and I'll consider giving it to you.

2 cars per person allowed!


Richard wants to show off and stand out. Take that in your own way.

Richard wants a car that is drivable. Please. I don't want to suffer with spending half an hour on one run again.

Richard will not be going offroad at all, he'll just use the pink jeep that his girlfriend owns. Well his girlfriend doesn't exist so hope that this car gets him one.

Richard likes the inspirations at the bottom of the post, but they happen to not be in the dealer. He wants something unique though.


I will be judging the cars with a mix of performance and styling. So do not worry about automation stats too much, since i won’t be looking at them next to comfort.

The deadline for this challenge is the 23rd of June 2023. Why so late? I have a test week coming up, and i need to really study for it.
After that, we will see when the first video comes out. I would hope the 25th.

You can send your car(s) in any way, though I prefer either the forum or our Discord. Just make sure to send it before the deadline! (Note that if your car has a V16 that you will need to send me a BeamNG exported file with screenshots of the stats!)

You can watch the videos on my channel, Djadania.
I will attempt to give some commentary and advice on the cars, so if you want that stuff, come over there.
You can join our Discord here. Not necessary, but if you would like to discuss stuff quickly, this is the place.


Ignoring the Miata, that is.


VW Golf GTI Convertible.
Top Gear Espace. The Top Gear Espace
Toyota SW20 MR2 Spyder.

Cadillac Allante.

Ford Foxbody Mustang Convertible.

Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet.

-Team L.O.O.G.I (Loosely Organized, Overblown and Generally Insane)

As always, any suggestions to rules and such are welcome! I also apologize for the delay of 1 day because of having to rewrite the whole post. Oh yeah, one more thing for those who want it. If you are planning to make a convertible on a body that is not considered a convertible by automation, make sure to message me and we can figure out your limits.


Oh boy! I wonder what perfectly cromulent car and man-made horror beyond comprehension I can send in this time.


So does he want a Camry or a track toy? One of those things is not like the other.

Must the offical body be a convertible, or is invisibility-patching another body kosher? Does a Targa roof count, in either case?

Is the Miata-looking series of bodies off-limits, or discouraged?

Fuel economy? Transmission? Power steering? Noise limits?


Well, he wants something that attracts girls. But since its performance testing and styling only, you probably want to go closer to a track toy. Its up to you though.
For convertible, the body must be stated as a “convertible”. If you do the patching thing but the body is not stated as a convertible, you can message me for extra limitations.


Ninja-edited with more questions, and one more: do I understand correctly that the car will be tested in BeamNG and evaluated according to that plus styling, while stats (other than comfort) are ignored? Or are we still expecting realistic economy, reliability, aso.?

What about retro?

Top Gear Espace? :rofl :lol So… a perv van with a tent in the back?


Where to start? I’ll start with the miata body, no you can use it all you want. Just dont expect a very high score if you just make a car that looks exactly like a miata.
Fuel economy, transmission, power steering and noise limits rules are not really needed.
I considered fuel economy and noise regulations, but fuel economy could limit certain types of cars, and the mufflers are there to limit noise. Some cars are simply louder than others, after all.

When it comes to stats, yes, only styling and performance will be counted. I previously said comfort because Richard at least doesn’t want to break his back but any more than that isn’t really necessary.
And when it comes to retro, go for it! I did put the MG RV8 as one of the inspirations, after all.

Also, there is a reason he is called Richard.


Ooh, cool. I’ve always wanted to have a “real” testdrive evaluate my car. And 1992 is a great year. I’m excited about this, just not sure yet about sending a warmed-over existing car (an MR Miata with a boxer engine) or starting from scratch.


Why not do both? You can enter 2 cars, after all.

I take that as “he wants something prestigious for the budget, with a sportiness figure to match”.

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I used to have a Celica cabrio clone that would have been perfect for this

Ilaris presents:
The new, slightly less shitty Imbe Sport S! Now as a convertible. Wow!

You may be wondering: ‘How fast is it’ and we answer: it’s pretty much identical to a Miata lmfao
8.9s 0-60, 215km/h top speed, 1.12G cornering… it’s basically a miata but styled differently.
If only the license plate being put to the side was actually put to use for its actual purpose, clearing the way for an intercooler. But no, this is the shitspec. Deal with it.

The game also doesn’t believe I can cram in two reduced size rear seats without nuking the entire car. Fortunately, I have so much skill that I can cram in two reduced size rear seats. It doesn’t show up in game. But I honestly can’t bother at this point retuning the entire car for having those seats. It’s already fucked enough by being a convertible (like the weight going from 899kg to 1052kg, losing the turbo and intercooler)

For what it is, it is a screamer, with a 1.3-liter 4-banger going to the moon in terms of revs, at 8000. And a measly 110.7bhp makes sure that you’re having fun, and respecting the speed limit at the same time. Because acceleration is a myth, and top speed is a useless statistic.


I can smell the utter cromulence…


Ok but why? Is it a truck?

No, game 1. thinks its a sedan when it should be a coupe and 2. gives absolutely 0 cabin volume to the car which nukes the stats even though there is plenty of space when I 3’d the interior


Truly Auto Matte On.


Can we buddy up with other members?


How do I make the top disapear like that


Set the “roof” material in the paint selector to any transparent paint, and use a cutout patch to delete the window on the top.


Yeah, of course. Just make sure to put both names on the car.