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Can I sense some Scania inspiration (albeit with the passenger car production being continued?) already? :stuck_out_tongue:

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1947 Malva Fagus

The first production cars from Malva, available as a four door midsize family car and for the growing utility market a van model.

Malva model naming comes from Trees names in latin, ex. Fagus is the Beech Tree family.

1947 - Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


As a mid-range car for an austere post-war world, it would have got the brand up and running with ease.

Not too sure about “cheap commuter car”, it is significantly larger than a Volvo PV444 and has almost twice the power. But maybe it would have filled a segment in the market between that one and the PV60.

1950 Malva Fagus

The second generation Fagus saw a few changes to the exterior and interior, mainly more chrome and wood. The biggest changes is a reworked engine with a OHC top and the change to a more cost effective solid rear axel.

1950 - Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


Cool! Why did Malva release vans too, was there a need for vans in Sweden during the time?

I have seen pictures from Stockholm in the early 50s, there were small vans like Opel Olympia and Ford Thames everywhere…then when the Volvo Duett arrived in 1953 it became a huge success even if it was most common in the wagon version.

Malva Betula 1600 (1951-1959)

In 1952 Malva released the successor to the aging Fagus model, The Malva Betula. The Betula is a more modern car, built with a monocoque construction. Malva also introduced a new line of over head camshaft engines for the Betula, starting with the 1.6 l 65 hp seen in this car.

In 1958 Malva tried their feet in rallying, entered the Betula Coupe in a handful events.

Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


The Betula deserves to be a worthy successor to the Fagus, especially with its unibody construction.

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And stats very close to a Volvo Amazon, 4 years earlier…wonder if things would have looked different if it had faced that competition…

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Malva Betula 1700 (1960-1966)

A new car for the sixties. In 1960 Malva Introduced a hole new car with a body style the press called ahead of time. Underneath most things are more familiar just a little modernised and the engine is now a at 1,7l, giving 72 hp. The new car is also availeble as a stationwagon “Kombi”.

1964 Malva Betula Long Wheel Base Limousine

Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


Oh, that’s nice. Could also be a British car as well, but a proof that Swedish vintage cars don’t have to Look like a 96 or PV544.


Looks great, gives off some Mercedes W108 vibes, except for the front fascia.

Malva Betula 1750 (1967-1975)

In 1967 Malva Introduced a new car that is more or less a continuaiton of the earlier model. Featuring a more up to date styling to carry the model in to the 70s. New for this model is independent rear suspension and reworked engine, now at 1750cc giving a few more horsepowers and better tourqe.

1973 saw the intoduction of a new three door coupe/hatchback body. The new car was available with Malvas first fuel injected engine.

Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


That would have been a modern looking thing in the late 60s indeed. Seems like it could have filled a niche, stats reminds me a bit of a RWD SAAB 99 but it lacks the quirkiness that was too much for some people to swallow (and also has the wagon version that the former lacked), while it seems more agile, modern and sporty compared to a Volvo 140. I like it, especially in the fastback version and with the dual headlight front end…

Could maybe have given BMWs of the era a run for their money too now when I think about it.

Malva Betula 1900 (1976-1983)

In the mid 1970s inspired by the Renault 5 and Simca 1508, Malva found out that plastic works well as protective material for the bumpers car body, and went all in using plastic panels on the entire lower half of the body on the new car for 1976.

It was not before long report of severe rust problems underneath the new plastic panels started to come in, there was also problem with miscolouration of the light gray plastic.

For the 1977 model, most of the plastic was gone and black plastic was used for the remainig plastic parts.

1980 saw a facelift with body colored bumpers and the return of some chome trim.

A more luxurious version was released with a 2.4l straight six engine.

In 1981 a stripped down utility version of the Betula was introduced for the commecial market. It has a generous and convenient cargo space and a sturdy solid rear axle on leaf springs.

Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag

Malva Betula 2.2 (1984-1992)

In 1984 Malva introduced a completly new platform, for the first time a Malva has front wheel drive. The new 2.2 litre engine is equipped with the latest electronic fuel injection system, mounted tranverse and coupled to a new 5 speed gearbox.

Malmö Automobil och Lastvagns Aktiebolag


It almost begs for the same vertical seperated cubic taillights the Lancer Wagon has

True… :laughing: