Manufacturer divisions

Ok so in my long long time away from automation :cry: I’ve had an idea.
How about manufacturing divisions for example Toyota have Lexus as a separate division.
My idea is that you would have a tab on the main interface that would say “create division” you would click on this and it would bring you into a sub-menu with a drop down list of diffrent types of division.
But before I go into more detail let me explain why you would do this lets say your company has made some really cheap cars and you have a bad reputation for quality but you want to make a luxury car.
Now if you made a luxury car everyone would ignore it but lets say you made a luxury division
So the new luxury division only has half the bad quality reputation so more people think it might be a good quality car.
Ok so back to drop down menu.
The options would be
Sports car
Emerging market car-(only available if you have a good reputation for quality) 50% better reputation than normal company.

Then you would choose the type of division you want and name it
Then a link would be inserted at the top of the normal menu with the second division’s name on it you would then click on this and it would bring you onto a menu with the engine creator and car designer menus available to click on.
There would also be a import engine and import chassis tabs available.

A lot of information to digest and work for daffy here but let me know what you think guys.

This has been discussed several times already. Yes, you will be able to create several brands in your company, all with their own reputation.