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What do you mean by full vehicle year? Do you mean the trim year or the model year?

So…when does the round open?

I assume by “full” they want an ideal package of engine, model, and trim up to date with the production year of 1991. Remember, the car has to be an innovation.


As for the fuel multiplier… I’m presuming that is based on km/L in which a lower number is better? American mpg goes the opposite way.

with 50k I could make a supercar… lol

$20,000 minimum budget? Lul

Any PU/ET limits? If not, why not?


@GassTiresandOil um, will be adjusted acordingly. I added some approximate firgures, but for exact comparison one can shortly switch it in the options.

@FitRS I did

@abg7 I thought about that, hadn’t seen the point because at this point in time you would have had some kind of automotive experience and some ideas already laying around, so I’ll guess some figures, just to prohibit complete nonesense

I think an ET of sub 120 would be sensible. Allows for some wiggle room for quality, but also prevents Supercars from getting in. PU of around the same number should make sense too for the car at least.

Applying this to the engine would also make sense, to prevent anyone from entering a car with a ridiculously over-engineered engine. Also, the PU limit for the engine should be around 40-ish, give or take a few, for the same reason.

What is classed as underpowered…

Is it the warning, a power/weight ratio we should aim for, or a 0-60 time?

Don’t know what the East Germans were using but I passed my driving test in a Nissan Micra 1.0L in 1990!

The Fuel Thing is quite absurd. choose between 91 and 95 ron for this challenge otherwise it adds an unneccesary variable that wouldnt and SHOULDNT exist otherwise. I have a range of engines i dont like deviating from and it is not agreeable to just throw the stupidity of the multiplier thing in to complicate things. sorry if this is rather abraisive but please just remove that particular point and replace it with setting us at one fuel only as is the sensible thing to do

@Admiral_Obvious Adressed, thank ya
@Jaimz the warning, though I don’t think you should deliberately aim for low hp
@Human89845524 I suppose I went a bit overboard, my reasoning was that higher quality fuel is more expensive but aids economy.

Also, you are really sort of encouraged to overengeneer (a bit), this is an engeneering competition after all

@Sky-High I… uh… yes. Clarified,
but fuel economy sort of has to be blown up a bit as it’s sort of a smaller factor in-game

Interesting. I would of thought that Drivability would be the most important thing over fuel eco?
Anyhow. 4 doors? what about hatchbacks with 5 doors, as they are very very common for learner cars etc.

Also, max 300hp seems a bit wack, unless we’re desiging like an allround learner car, for advanced driving courses and things. Most learner cars have 70-90hp, so over 200 would be way too much unless it’s going to be used for that sort of course.


I don’t want to add any more fuel to the already burning dumpster fire, but I’m going to ask two things:

  1. Did you do your research on learner cars they used to have in Germany during the early 90s? Because I’m fairly certain you wouldn’t find any sub 300hp cars around for that segment. Even most 130-ish HP cars are adequate to cruise through the Autobahn at high speeds. It’s the drivability and safety that should be the very first priority, following those should be reliability, service costs and comfort.

  2. Did you actually make test mules according to the premise of this challenge? Or did you slap in a few random rules and regulations out of nowhere?

I would have guessed in 1991 a leaner car in Germany would have been the base polo. Even if you go east I would aim for an an FSO polonez or Skoda favorit

Could make a baby Bentley. If it weighs 2.5t, 300hp isn’t too wild. In fact, my car I passed my test in (Lexus IS200) would have a higher p/w.

The short is: This is not just suposed to be a driving school car, but build reputation, too.
It’s… sort of far fetched, but just to justify the scoring and it’s place in PDC.
Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a ‘driving school car’.

So you’ve essentially built a budget HHD Round 8? Is that it?

well it is now