hurray for the new update, well done, but …

every update brings more stuff to talk about this time - engine bay size

why can’t i make it bigger? i want to fit my glorious 86/86 turbo I6s, but no, there is not enough space :frowning:

some engine bays fit 7L V8s, in a small chassis! We do think this is more than enough. Have you tried both orientations?

for some reason I6 doesn’t want to fit for me, most of the engines are 715mm in length and don’t work in sedan/coupe bodies, haven’t tried the new ones yet

I’m having the same problem. I can’t even get my smallest Inline-6, the 706mm BMW 3.0L N55 to fit in a RWD sedan. Needless to say my 5.0L turbo pushrod monster is beyond help @ 830+mm long. Meanwhile, about half of my V8’s don’t fit because they are too tall due to the presence of twin or independent throttle bodies. Singe throttle versions seem to fit okay.

Judging by how odd the 280(?)/18 tires look in the model builder I can only assume the current sedan body has more in common with a Toyota Platz than it does with an Audi A8 size-wise.

The Sedan is “based” on a Audi A4 B7 as far as i know :slight_smile: Its pretty much way bigger than a Toyota Platz.
Biggest engine there was a 4.2L V8 DOHC-4 NA with 4-Wheel Drive. And as its based on a Audi and not on a BMW your big 3L I6 wont really fit in there… although i hope there will be a sedan that allows a bigger/longer engine in future.

hopefully many more models with a longer bay!
maybe engine bay size should depend on the way we adjust the shape of the model?

i was a bit disappointed that i had to shrink my inline 6 to 2,3l in order to fit it into the coupe body.

I have fitted a 3.2L 6 into the sedan, Had to have a long stroke, 80mm bore

Hmmm, I’ll give that a try. Thanks!