Maybe a way to "simulate" dirt/offroad conditions


First of all i would like to clarify that if im writing this here is because i have no clue on how to implement it to the game my self by making it into a mod i read 1 post about the subject saying that it wasnt really possible but i came across this idea that would kind of simulate and actually give offroad more importance

So i was checking how to create your own track and i saw the value sportiness which simulates how hard is to control the car penalizing high sportiness/tameness in cars(track tutorial) also described as bumpiness.

Well the idea is to add another parameter you can call it Offroad (terrain quality) with 0 hq asphalt and 5 being dirt/gravel this would decrease acceleration(more wheel spin)
and more turning time(over/understeer). This way u can still have a flat road easy to ride that lowers your traction(which is what gravel does) without having all the inconveniences of a bumpy road or have them both together bad quality terrain and really bumpy roads

The logic behind this:

so as the values for this are 0,1,2,3,4,5 tracks with 0 offroad every car with more than 0 offroad wont get a penalty(1=10,2=20) and cars with more than 50 offroad wont get affected by this penalty even in worst case scenario(since it would be 5).

Then the penalty could be calculated by the difference between the off road of the car and the off road of the track.a (a car with 0 off road in a track with 5)the max penalty +10% turning time -10% acceleration or whatever percentage the devs feel is realistic (i think the values i mean may be just over/understeer and wheelspin and not the hole turning/acceleration times only) I dont know how to aply this to the brakes to take longer to stop due to sliding.


car offroad value : 10 -track value= X(if positive no penalty) if -5=100% X=xxx% xxx% of 10%=PENALTY PERCENTAGE

EX= 30:10-4=3-4=-1 if -5=100% -1=20% 20% of 10%=!2%! <----that would be the penalty.

Maybe the mods have a better methods to implement the calculations but this is with what i came out and i think it wont be time consuming to implement since all the parameters are already in the game. Is probably not really accurate and some tweaking may help a lot to make it more realistic to the actual gravel/bad asphalt/good asphalt penalties.Also i would understand if the mods dont like to implement this to the game for reason A B or Z is their game and this is only a rough idea.If the post gets deleted i would assume is a no.


I think it would be nice if we could have some dedicated offroad tracks that are truly making use of the offroad capability of a car. The penalties must be heavy though. A typical supercar shouldn’t handle well at all if the terrain is muddy with a lot of bumps. There the offroad car, even if it is such slower on asfalt should beat the supercar, because it doesn’t get stuck.

I find that would be cool the problem is the way the formula was formulated limits the conditions that can generate for example even offroad cars perform better on a road than on mud and this system only counts in one way. Therefore the ground quality in worst case scenario should be something that doesnt limit a car made for it. Thats the only reason i said dirt or gravel since the handicap for a car that meant to ride on dirt would be minimal to its tarmac performance.